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12 Reasons Why Pisces Make The Best Friends

If you were born between February 19th and March 20th, then your zodiac sign is a Pisces! The Pisces zodiac sign is a very laid back, go with the flow type of personality. This horoscope sign is so laid back. Thus, many consider these folks among the most-liked of all of the zodiac signs. Being a Pisces comes with a lot of upsides. And there are many reasons why they attract friends easily.

They offer so many attractive traits that make them stand out. Plus, they give the people in their life something that no one else can. There are so many ways that a Pisces proves to be a great friend. Below are just 12 of the reasons why you should seek out a Pisces as your new best friend.

12 Reasons Why a Pisces Makes a True Blue Friend

1 – They keep a very open mind

This horoscope sign is known for keeping an open mind almost all of the time. They pride themselves at being able to look at things objectively.

Furthermore, they listen to both sides of any story. This trait means that they are the type of friend that you can easily talk too or go to for advice. They can look at everything objectively. Thus, they offer unbiased and diplomatic advice when you ask them. They can look at everything in a way that is unbiased–a talent not everyone can achieve.

Whether you go to your Pisces friend for advice on life, advice on our other friendships, or help with your love life, you can be sure that the information that you get from your friend with this horoscope sign is going to be the utterly diplomatic advice that you need to hear to make a decision based on facts and not just emotion.

2 – They can adapt to almost every situation

This sign prides itself on not easily getting bent out of shape, especially over things that are not overly important. They can go to nearly any situation or environment and be able to fit in and blend seamlessly. Almost every other zodiac sign can only fit into or feel comfortable in one type of place or another.

That fact limits the adaptability of the Pisces sign makes them the friend that you can take anywhere. No matter what type of environment you are going into, this sign is the one that you know you can invite and will have your back.

They have a unique ability to fit in anywhere they go. This is a skill everyone needs to have at some point in their lives or another. Although for many people it takes a long time to hone this skillset, this sign is lucky to be born with it naturally.

3 – Pisces love nothing more than to travel

This particular trait is one that this sign finds immense joy and entertainment in. They are a group of people who love to travel more than most other people. They love seeing new places and learning about new cultures while experiencing things that are outside of their usual lives. These people love making memories and doing something new, which makes them the perfect friend to take with you on your next trip.

They will always cherish that time with their friends and look back on the trip with a fondness for many years. If you want a friend to immerse themselves into the trip with you truly, then you need to take your February-March friend with you!

4 – They are selfless to a fault.

The people who fall under this sign can generally be described as a very selfless group of people. They do whatever it is that they can to help people who they really, genuinely care about and will go above and beyond to give them whatever they need.

They care about people close to them very deeply and, as such, want to make sure that all of their needs are met. If they see that anyone in their circle of friends is in need, then they will go out of their way to meet that need. If you have a friend like this, you should consider yourself very lucky as you know that you have someone in your corner who would go to the ends of the earth to help you out in times of need.

5 – Pisces always want to have fun

They are not only a great, loyal friend to have around that will always have your back. Indeed, they will also be the friend that will always be down to have a good time with you. They see life for what it is and do not take for granted that we do not have forever. Thus, they do not want to waste time or let life pass by, so they will find ways to have the most fun and will make sure you have fun along with them.

Besides that, they are well aware that we all have responsibilities in life and need to get essential things done, but they make sure not to let that drag them down and instead push on to have fun whenever an opportunity presents itself. If you are someone who needs a friend that will help you let loose from time to time, this is the person you want in your friend circle.

6 – They are easygoing in most situations

They are known for having a temper when the situation calls for it, but for the most part, they are very amiable. They attract a lot of friends because they do not create drama, nor do they get upset over small situations. When we face hard days, it is nice to have someone in our lives who is naturally calm and easygoing to ease the situation.

7 – They have a natural tendency to be very loving

No matter what the world has taught them in a hard way, they are going to love the people in their lives with all of their hearts. They love people with unconditional love, which is one of their best features. This group of people makes one of the best friends because not only are they loving, but they are incredibly loyal and devoted to their loved ones forever. They will not give their love out to just anyone, but once you earn a place in their hearts, you will never be out of it.

8 – They are a soothing group of people

A Pisces has a soothing aura about them. Whenever you are around them for any period, you walk away feeling filled up and refreshed. Having one as a friend means you have a person in your life who makes you feel filled up and revived every time you are in their presence.

9 – Responsibility is vital to Pisces

This is a crucial characteristic of this zodiac sign. They seem like a dreamy type of people, always dreaming of the next thing, but they are highly responsible, which means they are wonderful leaders.

10 – They have creative bones

This water sign tends to have several interests and is usually talented in many different areas. They often always know precisely where they are going. However, you might need to give them an occasional push to see their goals through. They are the friend that will help you create grand visions while you help provide the drive for you all to reach greatness.

Things you need to know if you’re in love with a Pisces.

11 – They are highly intuitive

Your water sign friend will rarely require you to tell them when something is wrong. They are a very intuitive sign and can feel when something is off or feels odd.

Do not be surprised when your friend always knows that something is up and shows up at your door to make things better. You sometimes never have to say a single word. You may not tell them why you are hurting. But you can be sure that you will not have to walk through the pain alone. Indeed, this friend will be right there with you and make sure you are taken care of until you feel better.

think you or a friend is intuitive?12 – Pisces is surprisingly amiable

This sign tends to be more of an introvert and sometimes shy. Despite their shy tendencies, people genuinely love to be around them as their company is just enjoyable. They are great listeners, which is a great attribute to have in a friend.

Despite their quiet nature, this sign always seems to have a lot of friends around them. That’s because they genuinely care about friends and value their presence in their lives. They are incredibly loyal and have all the winning traits that a good friend needs to have. If you have a Pisces in your life and consider them a close friend, then you’re fortunate!

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10 Amazing Ways Your Body Benefits from Eating Yogurt

Yogurt is a superfood that fuels and nourishes our bodies. You’ll find it in some form in every country of the world. Like putting good quality fuel and oil in our vehicles, it primes and revs our bodies so we can do amazing things.

The power of yogurt comes from beneficial bacteria. These bacteria convert milk from its fresh state to the fermented creaminess we all love. Our modern diet is sorely lacking in quality fermented foods that nourished our ancestors for millennia.

Forget the heavily processed, sugar-laden yogurt of your childhood. Consuming fresh, quality versions from trustworthy sources will do a world of good for your body. These ten health benefits from eating yogurt will earn it a permanent spot on your grocery list.

10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Yogurt

1. Increasing and balancing the gastrointestinal microbiome

We all immediately think of our intestinal health when we talk about the fantastic advantages of eating fermented foods. According to a study done by the Biology department at Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio, regular consumption of yogurt has a positive impact on lactobacillus levels. Lactobacillus helps us digest our food efficiently, absorb nutrients, and prevent the overgrowth of undesirable bacteria.

Unbalanced bacteria levels in the gastrointestinal tract lead to many adverse health effects. These effects include obesity, insulin resistance, inflammatory bowel disease, even cancer, and autism, according to this academic paper from The International Journal of Molecular Sciences. Keeping positive bacteria balances helps you stay slimmer and healthier by making the most use of your food.

gut microbiome

2. Beautiful, well-hydrated skin

Your skin is made of proteins that require constant replenishing. Yogurt contains around 30% of your daily riboflavin, a B vitamin, requirements per serving. This abundant source of vitamin B2 helps your skin repair and replace vital nutrients to stay gorgeous.

It can also help clear eczema, rosacea, and acne. When your GI bacteria levels are in good order, skin problems clear up. Disharmony in microbiota is a cause of acne and other skin ailments when bad bacteria have enough numbers to cause problems.

Dehydrated skin usually has a damaged lipid barrier. Lipids are fats. These fats hold in moisture and give life to your skin. Replenishing the lipid barrier of your skin will restore the smooth, supple feel of your skin.

3. Help you lose weight

Remember when we talked about morning routines to help you lose weight? A good, nutritious breakfast starts your day right, helping you drop the pounds. One of our favorite breakfasts for weight loss is yogurt.

Breakfasts containing protein and fats help kickstart your body. You feel more energized and satiated for much longer. This reduces snacking when you begin to feel tired and cranky. Lower caloric intake equals faster weight loss.

If yogurt isn’t your thing, you can dress it up for a powerful punch in the morning. Fruit is always a welcome addition. Pomegranate seeds or sliced kiwi are especially delicious.

Other choices include blending it in with a morning smoothie. The creaminess gives a luscious, smooth texture to your smoothie.

Learn 12 reasons why you should enjoy pomegranate.

4.Boost your brain’s power

Before sending the kids to school after a big bowl of cereal, you might want to read this. Yogurt helps fortify your brain so you can think more quickly and process emotions. This leads to improved performance at school and work and helps with social interactions.

Part of the brain-boosting function comes from probiotics colonizing your gut. The nerves that connect your brain and gastrointestinal system are a two-way street. When the gut is healthy, it sends back signals to the brain that help it run smoother and faster.

The other brain benefit comes from the fat content of all dairy products. Most are especially rich sources of good fats, as long as you buy whole milk grass-fed versions.

5. Ease hemorrhoid discomfort

Talking about hemorrhoids isn’t pleasant, so it can be easy to miss out on the best ways to heal them. Trying to ignore the situation can just make it worse.

If you get hemorrhoids regularly, especially if you’re pregnant, you probably already try to eat plenty of fiber. That will definitely help. While yogurt doesn’t contain fiber, it also helps reduce pain from hemorrhoids.

Keeping everything soft and easy to pass is the key to pain-free bowel movements. Eating a bowl of that probiotic-rich goodness helps a lot. The bacteria break down your food more completely, and the fat helps prevent hard stools.

6. Prevent stroke

Remember the brain-building capabilities of yogurt? It also protects your brain from stroke, a condition caused by an interruption of blood circulation in the brain. Fermented foods help lower blood pressure, reduce your risk of heart disease, and help prevent type 2 diabetes.

You can help prevent these risk factors of stroke through a healthy diet. Those good fatty acids, vitamins, and mineral content of dairy feed your heart and circulatory system.

Preventing plaque buildup in your arteries is one of the main contributors to reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke. The healthy cholesterol found in milk and its products helps stop the buildup of plaque. The research on the dangers of cholesterol has changed, and now healthful sources of cholesterol are recommended.

7. Recover after the flu

Every flu season, you hope and pray that it’ll dodge you. Most years, though, it strikes. If you’ve tried all the usual remedies, you may be surprised to learn that fermented dairy foods can actually really help.

Back to the gut-fortifying, wonder-working beneficial bacteria. Do you see a theme? They restore your body’s balance after fighting off the stomach flu so that you can bounce back more quickly.

Don’t force yourself to eat any dairy if you’re too sick to keep down anything more than broth and popsicles. You can start consuming your probiotic-rich foods after your tummy has settled enough that you aren’t throwing up anymore. They work to restore bacteria levels, not kill the virus, causing the flu.

your immune system
Never ignore these early symptoms of the flu.

8. Heal leaky gut syndrome

This one should come as no surprise since we already know yogurt is a miracle food for your gastrointestinal tract. You may suffer from leaky gut syndrome and have no idea that you do. It’s a sneaky but prevalent medical condition in our modern time.

Leaky gut syndrome is the leaking of nutrients, toxins, and bacteria through the intestinal wall into your body. It results in malnutrition, bloating, gas, fatigue, brain fog, and chronic pain. To recover from leaky gut syndrome, your intestinal system needs to be repaired and protected.

Healing your gut with beneficial bacteria is especially important if you have had to take antibiotics recently. All fermented foods have probiotics that help recognize your gut and patch up the cracks that cause the leaky gut syndrome. Dairy sources are an especially good fit because the fats and vitamins are good for your cell walls.

9. Lessen joint pain

As we get older, we all start to notice a little more stiffness and pain in our joints. The cracking and popping become normal as we stand up or change positions. It doesn’t have to be, nor do painful, swollen joints.

Dairy products help strengthen your bones and muscles. The protein content builds up the muscles that support your joints, preventing or easing arthritis. Light strength training and dietary protein fortify your joints by increasing the protective muscle groups around them.

10. Help gain weight

Most people don’t want to gain weight, ever! But there are times that a person’s body may desperately need additional fat reserves. High-quality sources of dietary fat and protein help accomplish this goal.

If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or recovering from a medical condition, you may need to increase your fat intake just a little. Eating dairy products can help you pack on the right kind of pounds while supporting a healthy body. Needing to gain some weight is no excuse to eat junk food, especially if you’re growing a sweet baby.

Dairy is not necessarily a “low-calorie” food choice. A bowl of yogurt does increase satiety because of the fat and protein content. You can mix in other healthful fat and fiber sources to help you meet your necessary weight gain.

yogurt a healthy fatFinal Thoughts: Yogurt Nourishes Your Body

Our bodies are a complex system with several parts that all work together to run their best. Caring for that system requires thoughtful attention on our part. The foods we eat are one of the main ways we can keep them primed and healthy.

One note to be aware of–some yogurts contain large amounts of sugar, coloring, and added flavors. Read the label carefully. Instead, choose those with limted or no sugar and sweeten with fresh berries and fruits at home.

Many ailments we suffer from today are the result of decades of heavily processed artificial foods. Conditions like high blood pressure, leaky gut syndrome, eczema, and other ailments all link to poor nutrition. Just because we eat plenty of food doesn’t mean our bodies are getting what they need.

Eating yogurt is a healthful and delicious way to heal and fuel our bodies. Packing in the probiotic love builds strong, resilient systems within us. When you realize how awesome you look and feel, you’ll find yourself reaching for another bowl.

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