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Strategic Demand Generation and Revenue Marketing is the nucleus in what we do. A majority of our clients are looking to increase sales with new customer acquisition. Other partners turn to us to create visibility within their brand to increase consumer and investor support.

We use podcasting to break down barriers and build instant relationships with decision makers.

Guests range from professional athletes to CEO’s of startups to Executive Board Members of Multi Billion Dollar Ventures.…Major brands, celebrities and entrepreneurs..

Entertainment Consultant 

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Every Performance Strategy We Create is Focused on Generating Results that Matter. 

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Positive Podcast

Positive Phil is a creative entrepreneur, entertainment consultant, podcaster and human robot.

I use podcasting to break down barriers and build instant relationships with decision makers. Guests range from professional athletes to CEO’s of startups to Executive Board Members of Multi Billion Dollar Ventures.…Major brands, celebrities and entrepreneurs..

Entertainment Consultant

Are you ready to consume some positive content? Tune into our Positive Podcast and chat with us while we are live. Listen to Positive Serial Entrepreneurs and Individuals Who Built Their Businesses and Successful Lives By Being Positive and by Not Giving Up! 

We publish Daily.  Would you like your business – and your entire life more profitable and meaningful? Positive Phil will share his insights and interview positive people who keep trying. Each episode will help you grow professionally and personally.

Positive Phil explores the positive mindset, motivation and freedom of true success. Tips to shed the ego, living in the now and overcoming adversity is the core of this positive podcast..Keep trying, Keep trying…Do Not Give Up! 

Chatting about creating demand for yourself, your business and your life!

Entrepreneurs…Thought Leaders…Hustlers…Strivers and Policymakers.

We Share Their stories.

Mission & Vision

The Positive Phil Podcast shines light upon hard work of dream makers who are creating a positive impact in the world. By highlighting their story, we aim to connect them to people like yourself who are looking for deeper meaning and want to better understand potential solutions.

The Podcast

Every  Day… we will make a broadcast introduction. These main episodes will be between 10-30 minutes.

Meet Positive Phil

I was raised in Wisconsin,  –  Specifically West Allis or better known as #stallis. Now, living in San Diego CA…a very pretty place.Fueled by ambition, I was determined to escape my circumstances by dropping my ego.

While completing a degree in business administration and economics, I started publishing content online. I spent the next 15 years navigating the workforce, building relationships and accumulating the skills that I believed would enable me to become successful. From renovations, to network marketing, to seminar promoting, to franchise sales, financial communications and lead generation. …

In 2007, I wrote a series of ebooks, Franchise Salvation, and published it on Amazon’s Kindle platform. I promoted the book to my list of Positive Franchises subscribers.

By 2015 I had interviewed over 400 successful entrepreneurs , entertainers, policy makers, authors, performers, executives and individuals who express extreme ambition within their lives . I have written over 2000 articles for my own blogs and other websites, and published a few more books including “Drop That Ego Now”.

Podcasting became my obsession.

When I’m not interviewing entrepreneurs. I am with family enjoying life.

Welcome to the Positive Phil Show!

Have you turned on the news lately? It’s dismal. In reality, there are countless terrible things going on in the world. But for every terrible thing happening, there is a glimmer of hope out there.

How do I know? Because I connect with individuals who are creating that shine..

Vision, hope and ambition is what we should use to fuel our drive…Fuel for our soul… A bunch of positivity.

That’s the goal behind the Positive Phil Show.

If you’re like most of my listeners, then you are committed to discovering ways to make a positive impact in your life. From searching for inspiration, to hearing successful individuals to generating ideas to apply to your endeavors, this is the community for you!

Do You Need To Create More For Yourself or For Your Company?

Partnering up with companies such as Oneroof Energy, Quiznos, Focus Brands, DRI Companies, Raving Brands, eCrypt Technologies, Jani-King to name a few 

…… a frequent speaker at industry conferences and company events about Demand Generation
and Lead Generation Strategies.

Favorite topics to speak about include:

Lead Generation

Performance Marketing Strategies

Reputation Management

Investor Outreach Programs

Demand Generation Programs


One of my First Podcasts back in 2009. Positive Phil presents an interview with Jim Kovach, COO of CrowdOptic. Jim shares some of his unique career history from being a middle linebacker in the NFL to earning a medical degree to working as an attorney. Positive Phil asks all the important questions we have for…

Specializing in Targeted Lead Generation Campaigns

Tell us the details of your business and we will let you know what we can do for you.

Full Service Marketing and Lead Generation firm helping companies deploy and utilize lead generation strategies and technologies. Focusing on Demand Generation Strategies and Lead Generation for New Business Development.

Digital Marketing Services that Generate Leads.

When you need to produce results and get the best return for your marketing spend, consider hiring our firm as your outsourced Marketing and Lead Generation partner.

Our Marketing Services are catered to compliment organizations where marketing budgets are limited and there is a preference to use an experienced agency to execute lead generation and demand generation tactics.

Marketing Outsourcing all or part of your new business efforts is an effective strategy that will help you achieve a lower cost per lead and lower cost per acquisition.

Revenue Marketing & Demand Generation Strategies

Lead Management/Lead Nurturing
Funnel Optimization/Landing page
Sales and Marketing Process
Marketing Optimization
Demand Generation Process
Marketing Operations
Multichannel Marketing Strategy
Social Media Lead Generation

Can you demonstrate your marketing’s value per revenue?
From inbound marketing to outbound marketing, our digital marketing services will help you grow.

Goodbye Wasted Marketing Resources…Hello Revenue!

Our marketing services include:

• Messaging and Branding
• Buyer Persona Development
• Creative/Design
• Lead Generation and Demand Generation
• Campaign Development/Call Center Management
• Sales Enablement/Sales Process/Content Development
• Analytics and Reporting

Outsourcing all or part of your demand generation execution efforts can be a key strategy to help you achieve revenue objectives and increase market share.

Partnering with our group allows you to focus on your core competencies and strategic initiatives.

The Ultimate Revenue Marketing Machine

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a Direct Response Marketing Firm

Demand Generation Management
Effectively Managing Hundreds of Online Marketers from around the World and Offline Marketing Street Teams In Every Major U.S City.

Business Marketing Process- Increased ROI
We are able to stretch our clients marketing budgets further because of our BPO experience.

Lead Generation
Experienced in building online sales funnels and business process outsourcing. Lead generation and demand generation tactics for companies that need greater market share.

Marketing Solutions in the B2B and B2C Markets.

Marketing Consulting


Lead Generation

We execute demand generation campaigns that will increase sales for your organization. Our technology, manpower and attitude to succeed is the secret to our success.  A Lower CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) for our partners is our ultimate goal.

If you are spending too much money to acquire a lead. Call us today for a candid conversation on what we can do to strengthen your marketshare. 

We Find People Relevant and Useful To Companies on a Massive Level.

Focusing on automated software and inexpensive online labor. 

Most agencies have it all wrong! They often focus on rankings, not revenue.  

We care about turning search into investors and into revenues.

Rankings and traffic are fantastic, but if those visitors don’t convert into investors and consumers are not buying, it doesn’t even matter. 

Extraordinary ability to drive investor and consumer traffic through online channels. Working directly with leaders in Fortune 100/500, Major Franchise Brands, and Early-stage companies on key initiatives to drive growth through creation and evaluation of new buyers and investors; identification of strategic partnerships; development of business, and implementation of go-to-market efforts. 

Recognized experts in multi-channel online marketing systems and has worked with brands,
large and small, to connect them more effectively to their consumer and investor. 

 “We only work with companies and individuals that are serious about making money.”


Positive Phil About Us

Positive Phil Podcast is a daily podcast hosted by Positive Phil. 

The Positive Phil Show, Hosted by Positive Phil is an award winning podcast where he interviews UNIQUE Individuals. A Business motivation series on Success, Happiness, and Life Purpose. Listen to Positive Stories and Motivations that Inspire within Minutes.Engaging interviews with famous people, celebrities, athletes, authors, spiritual educators, thought leaders, as well as others in the social, business and entertainment industry. 

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Positive Phil is a portal dedicated to sharing inspiring and positive news from around the world.  


About Positive Phil

I am the founder, full-time broadcaster at Positive Phil Inc. and Co-Founder of a Programmatic New Media Agency both located in San Diego, CA. Positive Phil is a portal dedicated to sharing inspiring and positive news from around the world.  When I’m not interviewing influential people for iHeart Media, I am creating positive content to help influence a positive lifestyle.  Creating positive videos, images, audio and written positive content.  I share inspirational life experiences in hopes of creating a better world.

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