what exactly is glamping

What is glamping

If you have been searching for a way to reconnect with the great outdoors without having to experience the roughing it aspects of camping, then glamping, glamorous camping, is for you. Glamping Hub is the world’s leading portal for unique outdoor accommodations across the globe. Glamping Hub offers travelers a way to experience the wonders of nature from the comforts of a five-star one-of-a-kind accommodation. From tree houses to shipping containers to yurts, these glamping rentals are quickly finding their way into the hearts of thousands of travelers across the globe. Glamping Hub is all about making where you stay why you stay. 

But how did Glamping Hub start you ask? While finishing his MBA at USF in 2011, CEO and Founder David Troya, first heard the word glamping, and knew there was an opportunity to create a platform to connect travelers with nature. He and co-founders Ruben Martinez and Talal Benjelloun began Glamping Hub as a blog where travelers could learn more about the budding industry, and launched Glamping Hub as a transactional website in 2014, propelling themselves into the online booking marketplace. With 200 accommodations listed at the launch, Glamping Hub now has over 31,000 sites in over 120 countries in 2019. 

While glamping continues to grow daily and thrive, Co-Founder Ruben Martinez gives us insight into the ins and outs of Glamping Hub and the glamping industry’s future.

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

How would you describe Glamping Hub?

Glamping Hub offers the world the most diverse and unique collection of glamping accommodations across the globe. By connecting travelers with nature without having to experience the roughing it aspect of camping, without the expense of expensive camping equipment that won’t be used often, while giving travelers the luxuries of a five-star resort in the middle of the great outdoors, Glamping Hub offers guests an experience unlike any other. 

Why did you think Glamping Hub has taken off?

I think there is a desire for people to experience Mother Nature in a different way and that now the priorities have shifted for travelers where experience based travel is a bigger priority. Individuals, families, groups, and couples will spend a bit more money to get the types of experiences that will be meaningful and relevant and add value. There has been a shift in culture and mindset and how people choose to experience the great outdoors. That has given more opportunity for creativity in the types of accommodations offered. People want to find an experience and accommodation that fits them and is as unique as they are. 

What types of people usually go glamping?

The majority of our guests are between 25-45 years old. Typically they are families or couples, and the average stay is about 2-nights. There is usually something for everybody and there are options for people to go to a tree house one weekend and a yurt the next. There are also different price points so you can find anything from budget-friendly to luxurious, and everything in between. Glamping has become so universal that there really is something for everyone. 

Can you give us some insight into the glamping market?

There are about 100,000 glamping sites worldwide, 31,000 of which are found on Glamping Hub. Tree houses and safari tents and cabins continue to trend as some of the most popular sites, with Airstreams, tiny houses, shipping containers, and domes really trending in recent years. Glamping Hub’s main market is the US with Canada, the UK, and AUS following. The great thing about glamping is while it is typically off the beaten path, you can glamp everywhere. Whether a staycation, micro-cation, long vacation, or traveling internationally, there are more unique options and offerings every single day. 

How does Glamping Hub differ from other booking platforms?

On Glamping Hub, we require all sites offer high-end quality, that could be found at a five-star resort, offer an experience unlike any other whether that include activities and excursions to wellness services, and that they be found in nature. Glamping Hub offers anything from a tree house on the beaches of Mexico to to a safari tent camp in the heart of Montana to a shipping container hotel in the national parks of Portugal, and everything in between. We specialize in making where you stay why you stay, and collecting memories, not things. 

What does the future of the glamping industry look like?


Glamping has become a permanent niche in the overall travel sector. Everyday more and more people are looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in order to reconnect with nature and have a more deep rooted impact on the environment. More than ever there is a focus on not only unique glamping destinations, but eco-friendly accommodations and upcycled accommodations. We now see more tiny houses, shipping containers, recycled cabooses and buses, that are being transformed into some of the most incredible and one-of-a-kind rentals in the market. Glamping Hub has a large interest in listing these types of accommodations and making strides to focus on greener efforts. 

Recently there has been some huge investment into the glamping world. More specifically in the last 12 months, there has been significant appetite to invest and participate in all sorts of different business ventures in the glamping business industry. With more opportunities comes more possibilities to continue to grow and expand. 



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