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Raymond D. “Ray” Zinn   is an inventorentrepreneur and published author. In addition to a number of significant inventions improving wireless radio (RF) communication and voltage/power regulation devices, he is also the longest serving Chief Executive Officer of a Silicon Valley company (Micrel Corporation, acquired in 2015 by Microchip Technology).

Raymond D. “Ray” Zinn is an inventor, an entrepreneur and the longest-serving CEO of a publicly traded company in Silicon Valley. He is known best for conceptualizing — and in effect inventing — the wafer stepper and for co-founding semiconductor company Micrel (acquired by Microchipin 2015), which provides essential components for smartphones, consumer electronics and enterprise networks. He served as CEO, chairman of the board and president of Micrel from the time of its inception in 1978 until its acquisition in 2015.

Zinn is now focused on sharing his experiences and leadership through his podcast, Tough Things First, his book of the same name and his contributions to entrepreneurial thought leadership.

In an exclusive interview on the Positive Phil Podcast, Ray Zinn gave us his positives on doing the tough things first.

Start Loving the Things You Hate Doing

This phrase has changed my life dramatically thanks to Ray Zinn.

Silicon Valley’s longest-serving and most consistently profitable CEO shares lessons from his entrepreneurship, leadership, management, and life experience

Ray Zinn founded his semiconductor company without venture capital and ran it for 37 years, 36 of them profitably―an enviable record. He went blind weeks before his company went public, yet he led it for another 20 years.

Tough Things First, the distillation of Zinn’s astonishing career as CEO of Micrel, is a comprehensive, inspirational head-to-toe training program for entrepreneurs and leaders. Zinn gives you the guidance you need to:

• Find your vision, set your goals, and make them happen
• Build your business like you’d train your body: with heart, soul, mind, and passion
• Master the psychological disciplines that will sharpen your focus and drive 
• Create a corporate culture that engages employees and inspires confidence
• Put people first and push them to achieve their personal best
• Tackle the tough jobs today―and ensure your success tomorrow

Zinn tells you what it takes to succeed in a world where markets are constantly changing, new technologies are emerging, and small startups are going head to head with industry giants. He shows you how to be a good leader and what you can do to make yourself even better. He reveals why discipline is the first and most important step―for the entrepreneur and the organization―and why people are your single most valuable resource. He offers practical, no-nonsense advice on processes and procedures, finances and growth creation, changing markets and new technology. But that’s not all.

The key to your success, Zinn explains, lies in your mind, your body, your vision, and your heart. This book shows you how to develop these interconnected skills, how to integrate them into your life and work, and how to handle the tough things first.

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