The ‘How To Get Sh*t Done’ Weekend Seminar!

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I am so thrilled to invite you to my first How To Get Sh*T Done: A Modern Look at Feminine Productivity Seminar at the prestigious 1440 Multiversity! (Past hosts include Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed!)

This is a weekend program Feb 21-Feb23, 2020 in the stunning Santa Cruz County.

Program Description

There is a fundamental (unexamined) assumption that productivity means getting more stuff done. Blind acceptance of this idea has led to burn out, frustration, exhaustion and a lack of purpose, but nowhere more so than with women. Already tasked with doing the lion’s share of work at home, women who are trying to carve out a professional life, in a system created by and for men, find themselves in a constant swirl of fear, shame and guilt that what they are doing is never enough. While we have made tremendous strides across the board, trying to fit our round pegs into an age-old square, will never, ultimately be what’s best for us or those around us.

In this course, I want to lead an exploration about what true productivity really is. The word itself, is inherently flawed. Product-ivity. The whole idea centers around a product – a thing – not a human experience. So, our first task is to get the product out of the way, and the human, YOU, front and center. This task, again, is generally far more difficult for women to do, as we’re constantly putting everything and anything in front of our own needs. This however, is not a sustainable practice, if we’re interested in living, full, robust lives, on our own terms. To tackle this conventional idea of productivity, we are going to have to undo much of what we took for granted about what it means to really getting stuff done in order to create an effortless forward momentum.

Together we will:

  • Explore a personal productivity plan, specifically tailored for you
  • Understand how focusing on yourself, ultimately helps everyone else
  • Do a critical deep-dive on how you are using your time (and how you could be doing it much more effectively)
  • Examine the words and behavior that are self-sabotaging
  • Closely examine the relationships in your life that are either holding you back or holding you up, and the guilt that accompanies them
  • Learn how to outsource and avoid burnout
  • Create a self-care plan that helps refuel and brings meaning

By learning new and innovative ways to access and step into our personal power, we will come away with a fuller sense of who we are, what we want and just how to get it, without the exhaustion or the guilt.

So, if you feel like you’re giving life your all, but barely making any headway, or are ‘successful’ but feeling totally drained and disillusioned, I hope you’ll join me to learn how to shift your focus so you can discover your purpose, for as I say in my book, “you may feel like the most productive person in the world, but without a purpose, you’re just busy.”

Think you could benefit from a weekend of focusing on yourself ? Working on who you are and creating the blue print of where you want to go and how you’re going to get there?

Join me Feb 21-23 for this life changing seminar! I would love to meet and connect with you in person!

Learn more and sign up here!

You’ve read The ‘How To Get Sh*t Done’ Weekend Seminar!, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

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