The #1 Best Way to Build Authority (Even If Nobody Knows Who You Are…Yet)


“Email is dead! Webinars are dead! Organic social media is dead!”

That’s what all the experts are saying right now. Maybe they’re right, and that’s got you worried. You’re thinking, “Maybe I’m too late to use these popular digital tools to make a name for myself in my industry, to be the person everyone wants to interview on podcasts and in traditional media.”

The good news is, it’s not too late to build authority in your niche online…even if nobody knows who you are yet. And I’ll prove it to you. Let’s see how different authority building tactics stack up against one another. Which has longevity? Which tactic most effectively establishes you as the thought leader on your topic?

Let’s take a look at email first. If you know how to write killer subject lines and emotion-soaked hooks, your marketing emails will move your leads to action. Email effectiveness, check! But longevity? Once your marketing emails disappear from the first page of somebody’s inbox or even go immediately to your Gmail Promotions tab, that’s it. So yes, email marketing works, but its lifespan is about that of a fruit fly.

Second, how about those webinars? Same story here. If you’re entertaining, your best leads will stick with you on your webinar. They’ll ask questions and click the link you send them. But do webinars work most of the time on most people for very long? Nope. Twenty years ago, webinars were the hot new exciting marketing tactic. Now, a lot of people see them as the internet’s equivalent of hour-long infomercials. As a long-term strategy to build authority, webinars are dinosaurs unless you’re doing one or two every single day.

Third, organic social media. Ten years ago, Facebook and other social platforms shared your every status update with your business page’s followers. Today? A mere fraction of a fraction of a fraction of your followers sees your authority-building content, which is probably great! But does it make sense to pour your heart, mind, and soul into brand-building thought leadership content that only six people see?

All that said, we can think of only one marketing strategy that works twenty years ago, that works today, and that works twenty years from now. You probably know what it is already because it’s right in front of you.

Your bookshelf.

Like you, I have business books that were published twenty, thirty, even fifty-plus years ago. I keep the books right in front of me in my workspace just like you do. We see these authors’ names and book titles, what, maybe fifty times per day?

Clearly, books win the longevity game, no question about it. But what about effectiveness compared to email, webinars, and social media? Whether your readers buy your book or get a free copy from your Free Plus Shipping funnel, your book is the one and only place where you put literally every single lesson, tactic, technique, tip, and strategy you’ve compiled over the course of your career. Short-form content like email newsletters or blog articles you post on social media just doesn’t give you that much space. Plus, a book is the one and only place where you can talk yourself up big time yet you don’t come across like an egotistical know-it-all. Do that on a webinar, and you’ll be the only attendee you’re talking to.

In short, the reason writing and publishing a book is the number-one best way to build your authority? You get to say, “I wrote the book on my industry.” So, who else are the event coordinators, the high-ticket prospects, and the media going to call when they need an expert on your topic? You!


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