It’s “Thank you Thursday” The Positive day to show awesome appreciation for the super important people and animals within in your world. Contact mom, a nice note for your chic, bring tacos to work – Gratitude is positive for you and it is oh so flipping contagious. BTW..IM SUPER THANK FUL FOR MY LIFE
Quote of the Day. It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow. Robert H. Schuller.

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The Positive Phil Show,  a popular business-motivation podcast  & video program wants to interview for their entrepreneur series. 

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“Engaging interviews with famous people, celebrities, athletes, authors, spiritual educators, thought leaders, as well as others in the social, business and entertainment industry” 

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Past guests include Jigar Shah (Founder of Generate Capital & CEO Sun Edison), Issac Saldana (Founder Sendgrid), Bill Masters (Inventor of the Kayak & 3D Printer), Neil Patel ( Crazy Egg/Kissmetrics), Sarina Prabasi (CEO of WaterAid), JJ Ramberg (MSNBC Anchor & CEO of The Good Shop), Nina Vaca (Chairman of Pinnacle Group),Wayne Kimmel (Venture Capitalists for 76 Capital), MD Jeff Thompson (CEO of Gunderson Health Systems), Warren Packard Venture Capital,  and over 450 other ambitious individuals.  

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Positive Phil is a motivational keynote speaker and marketing consultant focusing on revenue generation and investor awareness for public companies.