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Ashish Fernando is the CEO of the unique EdTech start-up, iSchoolConnect. He’s a brilliant edupreneur, passionate about reinventing higher education using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Post acquiring a Masters degree and work experience in India, Ashish decided to pursue an MBA in the USA. In the process of finding the right university and talking to education consultants, he discovered that there was immense bias and ambiguity involved in the university recommendation process. Not deterred, Ashish conducted his own research and got into Bentley University, MA, USA, with a full scholarship.

Not only did he finish his MBA with flying colors, he also decided to dive into the field of education technology and develop a platform to help international students who wish to study abroad. In 2017, Ashish founded iSchoolConnect, a Google-sponsored EdTech company, that uses cutting edge AI tech to develop helpful solutions. iSchoolConnect’s proprietary technology finds application in several billion-dollar companies as well as universities and colleges across the globe.

Ashish firmly believes that while it’s always wise to have a business plan in place, it’s also important to deviate from it if the right prospects arise. ‘I came across many opportunities that did not fit in with my business plan, but I took a leap of faith and it has certainly paid off’, Ashish says. This is the same piece of advice he offers to all budding entrepreneurs and suggests that it’s always wise to grab onto those fleeting opportunities and make the best of them. 

Ashish credits a large part of his company’s success to his insight in hiring a collaborative team to work alongside him. He firmly believes that the team you build is what makes or breaks the fate of your company. To this day, Ashish steadily works towards bringing his vision and goals to life and encourages those around him to do the same.


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