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On this page you will find our pricing models and a video-break down of our services for better understanding.

Quick Blitz

$ 14,500 1-3 Days
  • Investor Email Campaign
  • Stock Alert Newsletter Distribution ( 3rd party)
  • Press release Distribution & Circulation
  • Investor Social Media Advertising, Posts & Targeting

Plus Program

$ 22,000 1-2 Weeks Depending on Vol
  • Investor Email Campaign
  • Stock Alert Newsletter Distribution (3rd party)
  • Press Release Distribution & Circulation
  • Investor Social Media Advertising, Posts & Targeting
  • Display Ads on Top Financial Sites
  • Guest Blogging Tier 1 Financial Sites
  • Investor Forum Marketing

Power Campaign

Reaching Millions of Investors. Perfect for Companies that Want to Rapidly Increase Their Shareholder Base,Liquidity & Stock Price
$ 60,000 40 Days
  • Investor Email Campaign (500,000) or more..
  • Stock Alert Newsletter Distribution (3rd party 250,000)
  • Press Release Distribution & Circulation)
  • Investor Social Media Advertising, Posts & Targeting
  • Display Banner Ads Tier 1,2 Financial Sites
  • Guest Blog Posts On industry websites
  • Action Financial Bloggers
  • Investor Forum Marketing
  • Audio Ads / Podcasts Marketing
  • Investor Video Ads
  • Pay Per Call Campaign
  • Digital Financial PR Campaign
  • Podcast Interview for client CEO
  • SMS Marketing
  • Content Development & Distribution
  • Article Writing (Seeking Alpha, Motley Fool Benzinga Writers)


we can do it in 2-4 weeks.

We Want Our prospective clients To Understand How We CREATE retail buying.

video break downs

Best awareness programs for public companies
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PodcAST audio ads

Podcast & Internet Radio Advertising. We Run Ads on Podcasts Investors Listen to.

  • New Media, Specifically Podcasts are converting at an extremely high rate. We record podcast audio commercials featuring our clients and place those ads only on shows that have a specific investor listening. ​
  • We use several platforms to distribute or serve our ads. Our partners include, Triton digital, Adzwizz, Advertisecase, Podcast Connector, Podcorn
Investor email marketing
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email marketing

Double-opt in-house investor email lists include, Accredited Investors, Reg A+ Investors, Industry Specific and Penny Stock Investors. 

  • Opt-in subscribers/investors email campaigns. We use our internal database, co-registration and solo emails to develop our subscribers through our multiple online stock alert newsletters such as Positive Stocks, Microcap Stock news, Breaking Stocks, Value Stocks.
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Double-opt in-house investor email lists include, Accredited Investors, Reg A+ Investors, Industry Specific and Penny Stock Investors. 

  • Our programmatic audio platforms rely on real-time audience data to place ads and utilize engaging display and video ads. Audio ad pods are the audio equivalent of video ads. We place 30-60 second audio ads on audio channels where investors / industry influencers are listening.
investor awareness banner advertising
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Banner Display Ads

Display ads are best used to grow shareholder bases and brand awareness.

  • Increase Stock Awareness with Google AdWords.
  • Investor Keyword targeting Industry Specific Topic targeting Investor Placement targeting Investor-market audiences Investor Location and language targeting Investor Demographic targeting
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Investor Pay Per CLick

We go after keywords such as ” Best Penny Stocks 2020, Top Stocks, Stock Alerts, Best Stocks and 1000’s of additional keywords”, on a daily basis. This is how we generate emails and direct response.

  • Laser-Focused on PPC for Investor Awareness.
  • Investor Lead Generation ( Pay Per Click Formula) We Have The Ability to Direct 10,000 Specific Demographic Investors on a Daily Basis to Your Company & Stock. We Use Machine Learning and PPC Experts to Run Our Investor Lead Generation Programs.
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Native Ad Investor Marketing

We use outbrain, dianomi, taboola, and several additional native advertising platforms. Our ads are running constantly. Native ads generate more engagement and drive more investors.

  • Drive website investor traffic, generate investor leads and build brand awareness – all in a contextually relevant environment
  • Native Advertising Platforms, Audience, and Insights products, we deliver the most relevant content to the most engaged readers: Video, In Feed and In Article ad units.





Power Campaign

Reaching Millions of Investors. Perfect for Companies that Want to Rapidly Increase Their Shareholder Base,Liquidity & Stock Price.

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Our channels target millions of people, specifically investors globally, From newswire distribution channels to social media outlets, we’re confident that we developed the right product for our clients.


We are an internet based publishing platform designed to create, catalogue, distribute and make functional, financial content and data related to that content.

Analytics: RESULTS

We currently have over 100-million+ potential investor-viewers in our newswire networks.

PositiveStocks solutions generate rich media exposure for public and private companies, industry groups and investment professionals through our proprietary software platform. software is primarily used to: (1) facilitate executive and company participation in industry and event-based roundtables and conferences; (2) create and distribute content related to a particular private or public company or an industry in which a company conducts business; (3) append interview-related and other rich media content to traditional press releases; and (4) for registered investment professionals only, to add interview-based audio content to financial research. PositiveStocks content is distributed to millions of individuals online and over 50,000 financial professionals, including North American and international buy-side analysts, investment research professionals and portfolio managers. All content is copyrighted to protect licensing partners.


We Would Need the Following Questions Answered on a Conference Call Before We Can Begin Our Investor Awareness Campaign.

We Stand Your Company in Front of Investors



  • Internet Property Development Related to the Company and Affiliate Sites
  • Rank Existing Industry Content Related To Company
  • Industry Writers to Post to Various Authority Sites.
  • Generate Industry Visibility within the relevant communities for the Company.
  • Content Distribution Services
  • Visibility & Market Awareness for Venture
  • Developing Capabilities for People and Companies to Connect.
  • Provide Fixed Information to Engage people for Long and Short Term Success
We’ll use math to show you how much investor traffic we can drive to your company and how that visibility converts into sales or investment dollars. - Improves Liquidity - Strengthens Market Valuation - Raise Capital - Create More Revenue - Increase Sales
Philip Morgan
Founder, Managing Director


Complete solutions

investor awareness

Capturing real time investor internet search volume. Utilizing programmatic audio, video, display advertising, financial publishing & financial digital public relations to “pop” markets.


Social Media

We run advertisements on social media specifically Twitter and Facebook in which we Target our clients competitors followers. A high percentage of followers make up their shareholder base. We also market and send messages to your industry influencers and financial publishers.

Newsletter Distribution

INVESTOR DEMAND GENERATION STRATEGIES •Improves Liquidity •Strengthens Market Valuation •Raise Capital •Create More Revenue •Increase Sales

Investor Lead Generation

We work with publishers and affiliates who we buy investor traffic and investor data..we also spend money internally on PPC and advertising to build our subscriber base to over 2,250,000 investor emails.

Small Cap IR

Your Message Will Get Heard By Your Hard To Reach Investor Audiences.

investor marketing

investor influence

Our goal is to gain exposure for our client companies through our Podcast and Video Cast Interviews,  conference calls, social media lead generation campaigns and strategic display ads.

We’re proud to partner with
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