Keeping a Positive Outlook

One of the toughest things to do is keeping a positive outlook no matter what is going on around you. However, studies have shown that optimistic people and people who can think positively live longer and have a much greater chance at success, in part because they realize failure is not the end, it’s just another lesson to learn.

Knowing this and being able to stay positive though can be extremely difficult. When you are having trouble getting your startup off of the ground, can’t seem to find the time for the things you want to do, or just having an off day, it is very easy to feel defeated.

During these times, there are a few things you can d to keep a positive outlook. It may take a little time for it to become a habit, but once it is you will find that difficult times aren’t quite so trying.

Start Every Day Fresh

Naturally, there will be things that spill over from the previous day, but every morning you should become accustomed to starting with a fresh slate. Here are some of the (not so) secret things some of the world’s most successful business people do every morning.

They rise early and get going while everyone else is still sleeping.

Morning exercise is a regular part of their day, and is easier to fit into the schedule because they get up early.

Successful people usually make time to meditate in the morning.

They do at least one thing they want to do that they wouldn’t have time to do otherwise.

Creating a ritual actually makes it easier to get up early and to get your mind cleared and focused on the day ahead instead of the troubles of the day before. The more often you start the day off with a fresh outlook and a routine, the easier it is to begin the day with a positive outlook.

Watch Your Language

It’s something you have probably been told many times, but when it comes to thinking positive, this phrase isn’t talking about swearing. Injecting positive words into your daily conversations can help to keep you thinking and feeling positive. When someone asks you how you are, don’t automatically reply “I’m fine.” Instead respond with “I’m doing great” or “Outstanding.” Come up with different phrases too instead of latching on to one or two. By thinking about a positive way to say something ordinary, you start to reshape the way you think about the day.

Be Appreciative

This one is definitely the hardest, but it is also the most helpful hint if you can get used to it. People are far more likely to complain than they are to express appreciation, and that is what really keeps you thinking negatively. Focusing on the things that went wrong is going to put you in a poor frame of mind, especially when it comes to your business. Nothing is perfect, and nothing will ever go exactly according to plan. That is ok because for everything that goes wrong, there is at least one thing that went right. Be thankful for those things that did go right.

This also means expressing your thanks, whether to customers, other businesses, coworkers, family, or friends. Verbalizing your thanks not only make them feel good, it will make you feel good. It is easy to throw out a “thanks” when someone does something small, but it is far more meaningful to say it at the end of a difficult project, problematic day, or after someone helps you. Seriously, you can never be too grateful for the help of others, and if you learn to let people know that you appreciate the help that is given (and that you noticed what they did), it helps to create a positive environment for everyone.

End the Day on a Positive Note

Don’t go to bed angry, upset, or focused on negative things. In fact, don’t go to bed thinking about everything you have to do tomorrow. Reflect on your day, think about what went right. Don’t force it. At first, you can just think of one or two things before you drift off to sleep. Over time, you will be able to come up with more. It is all about learning to rethink how you reflect on the day.

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