My Number 1 PINCH Motivation Tip By: Jason Pinchoff


My Number 1 PINCH Motivation Tip
By: Jason Pinchoff

So there’s just no escaping the world any longer online or offline. Because everyone you know has an opinion whether you asked to hear it or not… it’s shared and reposted over and over.

One of my biggest motivational processes I live by comes from that old school mentality of just being in the moment. For a long time I tried a bunch of tricks all these overpriced motivational “speakers” speak. But you’ll quickly find out you basically paid for common information you could have bought a $9.99 book on.

So I tried the next ideal thing, to go out with friends or coworkers, but you’ll quickly find you can get sucked into their lives which will pause your motivational growth. There’s no set rules, but I found one motivational secret that works powerfully, for me… might just inspire you too?

PINCH Motivation Tip whenever I hit that invisible motivation wall I will step back… close my laptop, turn my papers over, I’ll ask Alexa or Google to play Hip Hop, grab my Nike walking sneakers, grab my iPod and go for a walk… but not just any walk. This walk has a purpose, it’s to mentally disconnect and become a sponge to the environment while I listen to music and watch everything around me. I live in New York and I get inspired by all the art, the energy on random blocks filled with architecture and all the beautiful individuals just walking around and think of what or who they are or wonder what’s there story.

When I found myself freeing myself from the confines of my work… my work began to feel different so allowing myself to be in a moment always jolts new motivation.

So get up… get dressed and get on your personal walkabout and find yourself through the energy surrounding you as you listen to whatever music plays on your iPod while getting lost in your area.
Believe me you’ll discover when you disconnect will get reconnected quicker than you knew.
Go Get Motivated.

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Entrepreneur/ Author: JASON PINCHOFF IG: jpinchoff

More about Jason Pinchoff:

Originally from Hollywood, Florida, Jason Pinchoff knew from an early age that through his passion for style and dedication to hard work, an ethic developed from watching his father, he was going to make a difference.

Jason harnessed the power of his mother’s life-affirming approach to adversity and began to change his future. In his 20s, Jason began his career at HQ Creative, an advertising and content marketing-company, where he developed a knack for events, budget management, client relations and multimedia produced and post production supervisor.

His career escalated to playing key roles on campaigns for such major brands as iHeartRadio, the Walt Disney Company and The McGraw Hill Corporation. His unique mix of business savvy and street smarts, coupled with his determination to spread the positive outlook that saved him, indicated his next step was that of entrepreneur where he founded A PINCH LIFE a boutique fashion company. A PINCH LIFE’s “I Don’t Do Ugly” anti-bullying campaign combines his love of design and giving back.


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