Making Movies, an insight from JONATHAN BAKER, Director, Actor, Producer


Jonathan Baker is making his way through the world of entertainment. A man of many talents, a creative type, he is a writer, producer, director and performer. He recently wrapped the feature film Sylvie, starring Tessa Thompson (which will be premiering at Sundance), he produced The Banker starring Samuel L. Jackson and Nicholas Hoult, which just sold to Apple<>, with his partner Nnamdi Asomugha. And his directorial debut Manifest Destiny Down: Spacetime (which he directed under the pseudonym Bo D.), will be released this October.

With three new Broadway shows in the works, including August Rush, The Harder They Come and Spamalot it is evident that Jonathan is one of the most multifaceted individuals to breakthrough in film and theater.

Prior to independent filmmaking, Jonathan was an Executive at Sony Pictures Entertainment having worked on large scale franchises such as Resident Evil, Underworld and Spiderman. He’s executive produced the Sundance Award winning film Crown Heights along with the musical feature Basmati Blues, with Brie Larson. Additionally, he worked on the #1 box office sellers Boogeyman and You Got Served. Outside of industry work, Jonathan explores academia as an adjunct instructor of feature film entertainment economics through a Masters program at Carnegie Mellon. He also teaches at GIOCA, a graduate program at the University of Bologna, Italy.


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