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Sora Vernikoff-No Diet, Weight-Loss Coach, Best-Selling Author, International Speaker

Welcome to a no diet, weight-loss system that will let you eat what you want, stop when you want and become forever thin and healthy and all without having to diet.  In this article, you’ll be learning why diets don’t work, why you think more about food than you’d like to, what particular foods are managing your weight challenge and then how to eat and stop yourself for a non-dieted weight loss.

So for me it started over 20 years ago.  Around that time, I taught very challenging 4th graders in East New York, Brooklyn and I was as usual-always dieting.  However, on this particular day I  looked at the sea of faces sitting in front of me and asked myself, “Sora, why do these challenging kids listen to you but food which doesn’t walk, talk or do all those “other” things you can’t stop thinking about and you can’t stop eating.

It was at that moment that I decided to stop dieting, eat the foods that I really wanted and to also journal all my eating experiences to find out exactly why I couldn’t stop thinking about food all day.  What happened was amazing. I took off 25 pounds that I’ve kept off to this day and on the day that I reached my non-dieted weight-loss goal, I knew that I could transfer my classroom “management” techniques to food “management” techniques and Sora’s Weight Loss “Management” Program was born.

But before we talk about how to eat what you want (more pizza and chocolate), stop when you want and become forever thin and healthy let’s take a look at exactly why diets don’t work and exactly what kinds of food thoughts are causing you your “overweight challenge.”

So what is a diet and why do 97% of dieters regain their dieted-off weight within three years of losing it.

Well, diets don’t work because a diet is a group of rules created by “other” people.  These other people tell you what to have, how much to have and even when to have what.  In addition, the diet tells you not to pay attention to your own food-thoughts.  That it’s important to ignore your own food-thoughts because it’s how you think about food that brought you to this diet in the first place.

So you go on a diet, and you’re Good, Good, Good for a while which means that you’re following the rules of your diet and that you’re feeling really proud of yourself.  But then (and for each dieter it’s different) you need to go off your diet and have the foods and the amounts that you really want. So you Diet “Overeat” or Diet “Binge” (dependent on what you call it) and of course, beat yourself up after you’ve done that.  But Diet “overeating” or Diet “bingeing” is a two-sided behavior.  On the one hand you took back the control from the diet to have what you really wanted but on the other hand you didn’t stay on your diet.  So what happens next, you go back on your diet, knowing full well that there’s another “overeating” or “overbingeing” experience lurking in the back of your mind.  Diets simply don’t work because they’re not your rules!

So now before I teach you how to use The “Green” Technique and how to be able to have any food that you really want and know before your first bite when you will be able to stop yourself, let’s identify the two types of food thoughts are might be causing your weight challenge.

Those two types of food-thoughts are called The Inside “Food” Caller and The Outside “Food” Caller.  The Inside “Food” Caller is any food, gum, cold-drink or hot drink that you’re body lets you know that it wants and The Outside “Food” Caller is when you “see” food, a type of gum, a cold-drink or a hot-drink and decide that you want it.  In other words those food signals call to you from “outside of you” and not from “inside of you.

Sora’s Weight-Loss “Management” Program says that it’s because you don’t have the choice to stop thinking about any one of your Inside or Outside “Food”  Thoughts when you decide to or any combination of your Inside or Outside “ food-thoughts” when you decide to that you’re food-thought challenged and as a result, you’re feeling stuck in a weight problem.

Well, now it’s time to learn how to use The “Green” Technique in Sora’s Weight-Loss “Management” Program that will let you consistently eat and stop yourself for a non-dieted and healthy weight loss.

So let’s say that your favorite food is Pizza.  Pizza is the food that you really want.  So in Program, you have the pizza in front of you and then you have to ask yourself two questions before you eat it.  You have to ask yourself, “How much is enough?” and “How much is too much?”

Then you need to actually set aside the amount that you decided was too much from the amount that you decided was enough and then you’re ready to eat the amount that you decided was enough. 

Then after you’ve eaten the amount that you decided was enough, you have to glance at your Marker and that confirms that you’ve eaten and stop yourself.  Your Marker is your “I can eat and stop myself visual aid.”

Now if you still want more pizza from your Marker, then you have to again ask yourself, “How much is enough?” and “How much is too much?”, again actually set aside your new Marker and then you can eat the amount that you decided was enough. Then again, you need to look at your left over Marker and again, you just confirmed that you could eat and stop yourself.

So  it’s by consistently using The “Green” Technique that you will start thinking less about food (don’t you always stop thinking less about what you have “enough of”! ) and over time you’ll reach your non-overweight mind and your matching non-overweight body for a non-dieted and  healthy weight loss. The key here being “non-dieted!”

Sora Vernikoff is a No Diet, Weight-Loss Coach at www.nodieting.net who healed herself of compulsive overeating and has since helped hundreds of unhappy dieters do the very same thing.  Sora teaches her program to private clients both online and offline and her recent book Eat What You Want! Stop When You Want! A No-Diet, Weight-Loss Program became a #1 Amazon Best Seller when it was published last July. In addition, it recently became the 2018 Distinguished Favorite in The New York City Big Book Award Contest.

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