Investing in Yourself. Navin Goyal, Co Founder Loud Capital, Entrepreneur & Anesthesiologist is on the show

About Navin Goyal and LOUD Capital:
Navin is an anesthesiologist who has been practicing for more than ten years in both hospital and ambulatory care settings. He is a co-founder of SmileMD, a mobile anesthesia company that is widening access to care and providing cost efficiencies across dental practices. Stemming in part from his expertise as an entrepreneur, he set off and became a co-founder of LOUD Capital, a Columbus, Ohio-headquartered venture capital firm with eight offices around the world and the US, including in Chicago.

LOUD positions itself to be an entry into the venture capital community for both investors and entrepreneurs, primarily working with early-stage companies. LOUD also works to provide value to later-stage investors by mitigating risk with early-stage investments and portfolio management. Nearly half of LOUD’s portfolio companies are either women or minority-owned.

Since its founding in 2015, LOUD Capital has deployed and has managed upwards of $25 million in investments across multiple funds. All of LOUD’s portfolio companies remain in operation and 48 percent—nearly half—are women and/or minority-owned.

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