Is Life a Constant Struggle? Find the Root Cause and Kill That Sucker

1. What kind of problems, struggles, or crises tend to keep repeating in your life?

2. What do you continue to do that is getting in the way of your success?

3. How are you kidding yourself — what lies are you telling yourself or others?

4. How are you sabotaging yourself, but you have your head in the sand about it?

5. What is a central truth (not self-pitying) about the failures you’ve had in the past that involves your choices or behavior?

6. What childish fantasies are you hanging on to?

7. What are you still hoping for that you really know will not come to pass?

8. What secret are you hiding that you don’t want others to discover?

The answers to these questions may feel like a sharp screwdriver opening a can of worms. No one enjoys looking at themselves with honesty and revealing the dark corners of their lives. But within your answers lies the key to changing your life for the better.

Self-awareness is always the first step toward personal evolution and empowerment.

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