Investor Acquisition Strategies That Work and Are 100% Compliant

1. Increase Pipeline with hyper targeted list building
2. Attract high value prospects with pay per click advertising
3. Shorten Your Sales Cycle with sales acceleration technology
4. Boost Productivity with sales hacker training & automation

I know some of these terms may sound like science fiction, but the art of sales & marketing is becoming more scientific.

Acquisition: Improve SEO by using “The Bigfoot Strategy” Improve SEO and increase web traffic by building out individual URL’s to rank for lots of keywords, aka “The Bigfoot Strategy”. 

Tell me more:

A web page that contains a large spread of rankings across many keywords is referred to as a “Bigfoot” page.
The more keywords that you use on your page, the better your SEO/traffic.
What is the term that’s used most on your page? Run that keyword through an LSI keyword tool to discover other similar topics that relate to the root topic of your page.

This brings to surface many other topics that relate to your root term, in which you should try to expand on within your page.
You can take it a step further and find all of the pages that are currently ranking on page 1 of Google for your root keyword. 

This information can then be explored to find out what other keywords the top pages are ranking for, which can be used to build an INVESTOR SEO content map to find opportunities to extend existing page topics to cover even more terms.

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