Having a Fresh Positive Attitude. Luka Fajs Founder of EclipseDx is on the Positive Phil Podcast

Luka Fajs, runs an LA-based biotech start-up Eclipse Diagnostics. His background is in clinical laboratory diagnostics in which he found the current standards in the cannabis testing industry lacking behind what he would be considered acceptable.

At Eclipse Diagnostics they developed a handheld testing device that enables growers to determine the right time to harvest and ensure consistent product quality. It takes less than 5 min per sample, and have lab-grade accuracy. The device can be used to test cannabinoids in both fresh and dried plants as well as extracts, oils, and other formulations and we will be adding further testing capabilities for terpenes and pesticides in the coming months. You can become part of the company and become a shareholder through our StartEngine equity crowdfunding campaign.
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