Give it all you have. Luke Krueger Co-Founder of Valhalla Private Capital Shares on the Positive Phil Show

Luke Krueger is a co-founder of Valhalla Private Capital. Valhalla is a full service corporate finance firm, focused on early start startup companies. Valhalla’s services, touches all stages of the startup lifecycle including an Angel Investment Network, training programs, early stage funds and M&A.

Luke is President of their Global Markets business which actively invests and trains in 30+ emerging markets for governments, development organizations and the World Bank. The Global Markets team manages one early stage fund (Uno Rondo Growth Capital) that focuses on early stage Latin America based startups which Luke is a General Partner in. Luke and the team also have a SouthEast Asia and West Africa focused funds planned to launch in 2019.

The Global Markets team has syndicated many deals with Angels from around the world, and takes a particular interest in helping investors migrate from traditional investing vehicles to startups. Luke’s initial passion for emerging markets was fuelled by his time working for Nobel Peace Price winner Dr. Muhammed Yunus in Bangladesh, Angel (impact) Investing and launching social enterprises under the Grameen Bank banner.

Personally, Luke is also an Angel Investor in 12 startups, a board member, and 4 time founder including a live video AR company ( on changing how customer service is delivered for in home problem resolution. He was also the recipient of the Student Entrepreneur of the Year during his University days for his first startup company which he successfully exited.
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