Fluz payments Is at it again

The payment app that allows users to get cash back on their daily shopping, plus the daily shopping of those in their app network. through a new concept of incentivized invitation.

Fluz is an innovative cash back app that just released its early action beta version for friends, family, and influencers.

The Fluz App builds upon the consumer excitement for credit card and cash back app rewards–with a twist that maximizes the money back its users earn.

Fluz offers the rewards infrastructure of other cash back programs, and adds a network-based earnings model: its members earn cash back from a network of other shoppers, in addition to the cash back they earn on their own shopping.

Fluz is a payment app, offering its members all of the benefits a rewards credit card user enjoys, plus the rewards earned by a global network of other shoppers. Cash back rewards are pooled and distributed, turning over the potential of cash back earnings from the small percentage back that users earn from personal purchases, to the cash back earnings of the tens and thousands of people a user network can grow to.
Unlike other cash back programs, Fluz’s invitation and network system makes lifetime benefit possible. Members earn money when they use Fluz to pay for everyday items, and keep earning whenever their friends, and friends’ friends, pay with Fluz, too.

“Fluz is about innovating the cash back rewards space, and this is just the beginning. We are committed to developing a new lifestyle,” said Maurice Harary, co-founder and CEO of Fluz. “Fluz conducted a proof of concept pilot in Columbia and it was a huge success. Now we are bringing the same innovative model home to the states.” Maurice is confident the same idea of collective earning and social influence will translate even better in the U.S market.
The company was built to establish a new gig economy around cash back by utilizing a global community of buyers’ purchasing power, while creating a new source of income through network earnings from everyday shopping

Only Fluz pays you when other people use the app to make purchases. When you invite your best friend, they purchase anything and you both get paid and not just one time. Whenever you, your friends, or their friends use Fluz to make a purchase, you keep earning and they earn, too.

During this pre-launch phase, new Members enjoy a first look opportunity to participate in Fluz prior to a full launch in the fall of 2019, when the app will be introduced through a national PR campaign.


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