Evolution Of Industries

While VC’s seek the next hot thing, great returns will be realized from the evolution of existing industries.

Builders VC, a San Francisco, CA- and Chicago, IL-based early stage venture capital firm, is to raise its first fund.

According to a regulatory form filed with the SEC, Builders VC Fund I, L.P., aims to raise $200m.
The document lists General partners Paul Lee and Jim Kim as people related to the offering. The other members of the investment team are Mark Percival (Investing Partner), Brett Sanders (Operating Partner) and Kathryn Saluke (Operating Partner).
According to the web site, Builders VC backs entrepreneurs who combine courage, technical acumen and operational expertise to create transformative technology solutions to innovate antiquated industries, an approach called “The Evolution of Industries” summarized in a manifesto.0

The firmleverages a team of experts including 30 in-house engineers, enterprise sales personnel, performance marketers, and back office operations who work closely to provide support to portfolio companies and help them rapidly scale.

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