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  • Father of 3D Printing

    Bill Masters is an American engineer, inventor, manufacturing entrepreneur, and business advisor and mentor. He is widely known as the father of modern kayaking, but lesser known is he’s also the father of 3D printing, holding the first 3D patent filed with the USPTO. Today, Bill works to share his experience and insights with young people and a range of commercial enterprises. He also presents to academic, industry and professional groups, with a perspective that combines his humble roots, countercultural sensibilities and innovative approach to engineering and manufacturing.

    Award Winning Podcast where Positive Phil chats with today’s most inspiring Thought Leaders, Pioneering Spirits. and Entrepreneurs 365 days a year. Inspirational Motivations to People Everywhere as a Contribution toward Promoting Positive Values.

    Join Positive Phil “live” every day as he cuts through the Negatives. The program primarily consists of interviews with positive people and thought leaders, as well as others in the social, business and entertainment community.

    Positive Phil Show is a daily show hosted by Positive Phil.

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Promoting and encouraging the development of positive life skills and awesome relationships in families, schools, businesses and communities.

A Podcast Sharing Strategies, Advice & Positive Stories That Motivate

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Apple Podcast

Description Positive Phil is a daily podcast hosted by Motivational Broadcaster. Top Podcast where Positive Phil chats with today’s most inspiring...


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Business Motivation Podcast

Positive Phil Show Podcast where Positive Phil chats with today’s most inspiring Thought Leaders, Pioneering Spirits. and Entrepreneurs 365 days a...


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Prabasi was appointed Chief Executive of WaterAid America in May 2014. Over the course of the last year, the organization worked...


CO FOUNDER OF E! Entertainment, larry namer

I had the ultimate pleasure to interview Larry Namer, President/CEO, Metan Global Entertainment Group. Larry is an entertainment industry veteran with...


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Irma Lewis

Irma rocks, she is confident and amazing in whatever she does. Learn more about Irma and her contribution to life.

Jamie Andrews

This guy is always smiling. An ambitious and carefree spirit who lives with passion and a positive attitude.

Joey Baptiste

The man, himself. Born in poverty, self made to the top. He loves sharing stories motivating in nature.

Ella Thomas

Check out Ella and her show here on the Positive Phil Network. Genuine and Honest, straight from the hip.

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