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Writing Coach Who is Professional and Amazing

Annalisa Parent She is a writing coach. She helps writers start, finish, and bring to publication writing in all genres. Annalisa believes in helping writers to see what they do well through positive reinforcement, then moving them through activities that help them to see not only areas in which the writing could be stronger, but specifically how to move it in that direction.

She has an upbeat personality, am eloquent 99.8% of the time, and can discuss anything from fiscal policy to sparkly unicorns.

We chat about staying positive in light of how difficult it is to get published.


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Positive Phil Show is a daily podcast hosted by Entertainment Consultant Positive Phil.

Daily Podcast Interviews With Positive and Inspiring Entrepreneurs

The program primarily consists of interviews with positive people and thought leaders, as well as others in the social, business and entertainment community.

Strategies, Advice and Stories to Inspire Your Life and Business 

Inspirational messages to people everywhere as a contribution toward promoting good values, good role models and a better life.

We welcome passionate and positive people…

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Writing Coach Who is Professional and Amazing

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Positive Phil Podcast
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Positive Phil is a motivational keynote speaker and marketing consultant focusing on revenue generation and investor awareness for public companies.