Creating Wealth for the Impoverished. Steven Lin, CEO of Gojoy

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Gojoy is an innovative social e-commerce marketplace offering users hourly rewards through its digital asset created on the blockchain called Joy Coin. Gojoy is positively and irreversibly improving the lives of many of those living in poverty because its business model is unlike the rest; where giving back to the community from the very first transaction, on day one, is ingrained in its corporate DNA. 

“The issue with poverty is people find it extremely difficult to break out of the cycle,” said Steven Lin, CEO of Gojoy. “And this is because people living in poverty have no means of investments nor access to assets that could yield income, unlike the middle and upper class. These entire family communities live from hand to mouth and are unable to break from the poverty cycle unless there’s some form of external aid.”

Particularly in China, where families living in lower tier cities struggle to make ends meet. One use case is for the moms in China that use the Gojoy platform to buy products such as baby formula with up to 50% savings, compared to Alibaba or Tmall. There are over one million Gojoy members that can finally afford essential products to survive and for the moms in China, shopping on Gojoy has become their primary source of earning passive income which is providing the extra pennies and nickels needed to rise out of poverty.

“Learning that a toddler can now enjoy quality baby formula because his mom bought it on Gojoy with the cash rewards she had earned — that’s humbling. We are in awe of our community,” said Lin.

Gojoy’s business model is unlike other e-commerce businesses because it is transactional, systematic, and immediate. Gojoy is leading the e-commerce industry into a revolutionarily positive direction and any traditional company with more than one million dollars in revenue can adopt Gojoy’s business model too. 

Gojoy consumers buy and are then rewarded with Joy Coin. Every hour, Gojoy shares a portion of its sales with Joy Coin holders. As long as members hold the Joy Coin, they receive their share of rewards. The cash payout is in the form of Joy Dollars that can be used to shop on Goyjoy or cash it out into fiat. 

During a recent visit with Ling Gao, a Gojoy member living in Guangzhou, China, she shared that she had previously been forced to work grueling hours from 8am to midnight. Now, her life has changed with Gojoy and its cash rewards system. Gao shared that she is now working much more relaxed hours, “Since I started shopping with Gojoy, I have hope for our future. I can bring my 7-year-old son back to live with me. I am more at peace due to our better financial picture.”

Every member of the Gojoy ecosystem is rewarded perpetually for their contribution, no matter how big or small that contribution may be. Gojoy’s mission is to create wealth for families through the simple act of shopping. To achieve this, Gojoy is reshaping how businesses can create wealth for its communities, shareholders and contributors with social impact and philanthropy at its core. 

Since going live in January 2019, Gojoy has generated nearly USD $30 million in revenue and has distributed over USD $8 million in rewards to over one million shoppers who are predominantly moms living in lower tier cities.

To learn more about Gojoy visit and follow @ShopGojoy on Twitter for the latest updates.


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