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Content Syndication and Optimized Press Releases  Offering content syndication and optimized press release writing and distribution. These services can be implemented independently or, for optimal results, in conjunction with any other online marketing initiatives.

Content Syndication of White Papers, Case Studies and More Content syndication is the distribution of content on the web, in various types of formats including white papers, case studies and webcasts. Content syndication is a great way for receiving websites to add depth and attractiveness to their sites, while it provides distributors increased exposure and the chance to generate lead information if a registration form is added as a requirement for download.   With content syndication, you can reach users and give them valuable information early in the sales cycle.  Positive Revolution then goes a step further by nurturing those leads as we help them progress further down your sales funnel.

Optimized Press Release Services optimized press release services can give your PR message the opportunity to be picked up by Google News, Yahoo! News and a multitude of sites that pull relevant news feeds for special interests and blogs.  Press releases that are optimized for the search engines offer the advantages of SEO combined with traditional PR benefits.

Benefits of Positive Revolution’s Optimized Press Releases

•Great link building opportunities
•Broad distribution
•Instant online visibility
•Search-friendly, keyword-rich copy
•Builds brand recognition
•Establishes credibility
•Fresh content encourages web spiders to return to your site
•Permanent fixed content in front of your audience online indefinitely

Professional writers for composing or editing your newsworthy, attention-getting optimized press releases. We’ll distribute it through the news wire services and media outlets and give you measurable results on how many times your press release was read, how many times it was printed, search term popularity and other valuable statistics.

Whether you need a complete press release writing service or you have a press release that needs optimization and distribution, we can deliver your news to the masses so you get the results you’re looking for.

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