Changing the Way Weddings are Planned in South Florida

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Over 10 years ago, we were in a horrible recession, most companies were on hiring freezes, and my contract at Disney was not renewed. How was I going to move forward with no real job prospects? I had gained tons of experience planning mega events thanks to my time at Disney and The Broadway League, so I decided to take matters into my own hands to launch my own wedding and events planning company in Palm Beach, FL.

It was a scary move to branch out on my own, but what I quickly realized is that I had the determination and strength to make it work! I come from a long line of entrepreneurs, so you could say it’s genetic.

For years, I happily worked as a partner in planning for hundreds of couples in South Florida. It’s amazing being a part of one of the most important days of someone’s life. It’s something you will always share. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing two people in love!

During my time as a planner, I yearned for an online wedding resource that was dedicated to the Palm Beach area. The available resources lumped the Palm Beaches into the greater South Florida market to the detriment of both couples and local wedding vendors. Seeing that need, Married in Palm Beach was created.

Married in Palm Beach is the only online wedding resource solely dedicated to weddings in the Palm Beaches. We focus on providing unique and useful content geared to local and destination couples looking to get married in Palm Beach County.

We are changing how couples plan their weddings by connecting them with talented, local companies through our comprehensive lists of vendors. Beyond that, I use my experience as a wedding planner to write articles that are both educational and entertaining. These articles showcase beautiful weddings that inspire couples both locally and those wanting some Palm Beach style on their wedding day.

As Married in Palm Beach has grown, I have pulled away from wedding planning. It is too difficult to juggle both companies without something suffering. Couples deserve to have the full attention of their wedding planner.

Through Married in Palm Beach, I can help infinitely more couples than I could as a wedding planner. Knowing that we play a part in their wedding day makes it all worthwhile. Check out today!


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