Dr. Jacqueline Nguyen, or Dr. J as she is affectionately known. She is a distinguished clinical pharmacist and a graduate of University of Southern California School of Pharmacy (USC). From working as a pharmacist for over a decade, she has learned that a successful clinical pharmacist needs to have certain essential attributes, including attention to detail, genuine care for patients, the ability to understand a patient’s desires, experience and continuing education to care for a patient’s overall health, and an uncompromising commitment to stay abreast with cutting-edge medical treatments and alternative natural treatments. Based on this understanding, Dr. J incorporates all these elements into her daily practice.

 Dr. J recently launched her CBD oil product line under the Ensohara banner. (www.ensohara.com).. She is currently launching a branded line of CBD cookies.

www.ensohara.com (CBD products)


Dr. Nguyen’s statement on why she became interested in Cannabis and CBD:

I was interested in Cannabis or the CBD Hemp movement five years ago due to the fact that I have so many patients who have cancer and I wanted to look for something that is natural and effective to help with cancer cells. I discovered that the FDA holds the patent on a cannabis and CBD component that it is the most powerful neuro-protectant and antioxidant . Therefore, I knew that I am on the right track and that there are many clinical studies to back up the medical cannabis and CBD hemp oil to help over 200medical conditions. In June 2018, I can officially say that CBD can treat diseases, since the FDA approved the first drug named Epiduolex to treat two rare forms of epilepsy in children.

At first, I was having a toughest time to share with my TV show’s audience about medical marijuana and CBD Hemp Oil, since the general public is not very accepting with regard to this topic. I was being ridiculed and was prevented to share information about this product on television. It was such a lonely road ahead, but I knew that I would make it if I am persistent and dedicated to my beliefs. Now, I am one of the most sought after health professional that know the dosage and treatment regimen for many medical conditions with CBD based products from tincture, capsule, cream, cookies, candies, and gummies for kids, etc.

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