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Marine sister surprises brothers who were placed in two foster families by gaining custody of them

Pranks typically involve mischievous acts done to make people laugh. But in this story, however, a prank was pulled to serve a good purpose. Mediocre Films approached Melissa, a 21-year old Marine, and asked if she would be willing to participate in a documentary. She agreed, but she had no idea that she would be

Firefighter notices non-verbal child and surprises everyone by speaking his language

People with disabilities have a tendency to feel vulnerable and excluded, especially in an environment where their needs aren’t catered properly and where people have a limited understanding of their condition. Firefighter Mike Rheault was completely aware of this, which is why when he encountered a non-verbal child one night when he was on duty, he

Inseparable Saint Bernard brothers dumped at shelter – staff try to find them forever home together

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year. Data says that it is mostly cats and dogs that are dropped in an animal shelter, but when three Saint Bernard brothers arrived at an animal shelter in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the

Inspiring teen who lost her leg due to cancer, makes an incredible recovery

Life becomes more meaningful when we live it in pursuit of what we are passionate about. The burning desire we have to reach our dreams is what inspires most of us to rise above life’s challenges, no matter how difficult they may be. This is exactly what Gabi Skull had in her heart  – the determination

Young boy cries after getting on wrong bus, teen realizes he is lost and jumps in to help

One of a child’s worst fears is being left alone and getting lost in an unfamiliar place. Naturally, any kid in such situation would feel helpless and panicked, just like what an 11-year old boy in England experienced as he was on his way home from school. Luckily, he didn’t have to face it alone,

Brave 12yr-old girl poses with stoma bag to inspire and prevent other kids from being singled out

According to a report released by the National Center for Educational Statistics in 2016, more than one out of every five (20.8%) students report being bullied. Bullying is a prevalent issue in schools all over the world. A stoma is an opening on the abdomen that can be connected to either the digestive or urinary system to allow waste

Shelter cat hangs onto woman who can’t adopt him, so she helps him find the perfect family

Cats are sometimes standoffish. In fact, a lot of internet memes portray them as bossy pets! Felines give off a rather mysterious aura, which could be the reason why most people perceive them this way. But the cat in this story broke the mold and defied all stereotypes about their species. Jessica Parken and her

The Navy’s first all-female flyover will honor a woman who helped make it possible

Throughout history, we have witnessed several powerful women who ignited a movement and fought for positive change, greatly impacting the community through their bold ideas for reform. These campaigns were pursued so that women can have a better place in the world and gain equal access to opportunities as men do. One such example of a

Watch: 9-year-old boy builds wheelchair for kitten that can’t walk on its own

The development of moral values in children starts in the home and continued in school, where the process of learning becomes more formal. One of the most important values instilled in children is empathy, which enables kids to identify with and understand the wants, needs, and feelings of those around them. Through his act of kindness,

Kathy Bates makes crowd roar the moment she accepts lip sync challenge and breaks into dance

If you have watched the films of esteemed actress Kathy Bates, especially her characters in ‘American Horror Story’ and ‘Misery,’ you may have already ‘developed hostility’ for her. That’s how great she is in acting! But on her performance in Paramount Network’s Lip Sync Battle (LSB), it’s a different story— Kathy’s not holding a hammer,

16 young boys come up with heartwarming plan to support classmate with alopecia

It is particularly difficult to feel confident in your own skin, especially when you know that you look different from most people. You walk out of the house, completely worried that someone would notice what’s unusual about you. You are afraid of the stares and mockery that you might receive from people who don’t understand why you are

Inspiring teen with bone disease pursues her love of dance in spite of being wheelchair-bound

Throughout our lives, we will be faced with difficulties that could either make us or break us. The outcome, of course, will depend on how we handle these obstacles. Do we tackle them with courage, or do we let them pin us down? In the case of 16-year old Sherlyn López Taborda, she tackled these

Puppy comforts senior golden retriever having a nightmare

If you own a dog, you probably know that like us humans, they also dream in their sleep. We’ve all seen it happen – our sleeping dog suddenly lets out a woof and their legs begin to twitch. We surely get a laugh out of these situations and it makes us wonder: what could they be

Leaving Facebook makes people happier but less informed, study says

There around 2.3 billion Facebook users around the world – a statistic that is not at all surprising given the fact that the platform serves a variety of purposes. Facebook is the way for most people to connect with friends, to access news and entertainment, and for businesses to market their products and find new

The story behind the viral video of a principal’s dance moves that caused an internet sensation

Before the dawn of the computer and smartphone era, children used to be involved in a great amount of physical activity. That is because kids of the older generation genuinely craved for physical movement. To expend their overflowing energies, they come outside their homes to play with the other children. Unfortunately, that is not the

Talented father and son belting out a perfect Frank Sinatra duet as they drive around

Road trips are a lot of fun, more so when it involves belting out your favorite tracks to your heart’s content. It takes the boredom out of traveling long distances and makes for a great bonding moment with family and friends. Plus, you can sing badly without anyone judging you! In a video that has

95-year-old friends celebrate 84 years of friendship with laughs and wine

The wonderful experience of cultivating friendships begins from the moment we become children up until we mature into adults. However, due to circumstances out of our control, we sometimes drift apart from the people who were once close to us. This is sad but true – no matter how good the relationship is, we don’t

She struggles while trying out a new yoga pose, watch the pup show her how it’s done

Dogs are such delightful creatures, although sometimes, they can cause a bit of a mess. They gnaw on our favorite shoes, rummage through our garbage bins when we’re not around, and worse, have accidents on the most inconvenient and hard-to-clean places! Despite their naughty ways, our pets are there to make our days brighter every

Mom brings baby to work, only to make headlines when boss snaps picture and makes remark online

As rewarding as it is, raising and caring for a newborn is far from easy. The infancy stage is so short, but these years make up the most crucial times in a child’s life. Parents want to be involved in every moment of their baby’s growth to witness all their firsts and to see how their

He spent the whole day making a pet door, now watch his cat’s first attempt to go through it

Just like how a parent is to a child, pet owners will do and give everything for the happiness of the animals they treat as a family. For some owners, this includes providing all the needs of their pets. In the case of Brian, this involves installing a cat door for his pet’s convenience. Brian