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Scientist’s Mistake In Lab Can Make Coral Grow 40x Faster

The world’s coral reefs are in danger. Climate change has dramatically damaged their ecosystems, leading to the endangerment and even death of thousands of kilometers of the once-beautiful reef.

As we lose more and more coral, the threat to our world becomes greater and more significant in terms of natural disasters, food shortage, economic difficulty, and marine wildlife. Unfortunately, as coral reefs continue to face stronger threats, these problems might worsen. But this might all change, all thanks to a happy accident discovered by a marine researcher.

A Scientist’s Mistake In A Lab Can Make Coral Grow 40 Times Faster

The Mistake That Can Make Coral Grow 40x Faster

Dr. David Vaughan, who works at Florida’s Mote Marine Laboratory, has managed to find a way to allow coral to grow at a much faster rate than its natural growth process – and it’s all thanks to an unwitting mistake.

The accident was a simple one. Dr. Vaughan had been attempting to detach a piece of coral from a tank base, where it had become stubbornly stuck. He pulled too hard, and the coral fractured into multiple parts.

But then something incredible happened. In just three weeks, the pieces had grown significantly, matching their whole original size. For reference, the original coral had taken three years to reach that size.

The potential for this discovery is cause for positive thinking. Most large coral requires between 25 to 75 years to hit their age of sexual maturity. But Dr. Vaughan has found that, only by breaking up or “microfragmenting” these pieces of coral, he can reduce that timespan to just three years.

Researchers and conservationists continue to strive for new results and findings. At best, scientists hope that this can become the start of a massive solution for the declining coral reef populations, but if not, it will at least buy them additional time to understand better how to save them. So far, all species of Florida Keys’ coral have been compatible with this method of regrowth.

Threats To The World’s Coral 

The Endangered Species Act currently lists 25 species of coral as “protected.” The government lists 22 of them as threatened and three as endangered. And it’s easy to see why. For example, 27% of live coral cover across the world disappeared over the past 30 years. Here are some of the threats faced by the world’s coral:

1.    Mass Bleaching

Mass bleaching is an event where raised levels of surface temperatures cause excess heat stress on coral reefs, causing them to become “bleached”; that is, to lose their photosynthetic algae and, therefore, their color and survivability.

Some facts and statistics on mass bleaching are as follows:

  • The first mass bleaching occurred in the Great Barrier Reef and resulted in the death of 29% of its shallow-water corals.
  • The second mass bleaching occurred in the western region of the Indian Ocean and resulted in 50% of Seychelles’ corals dying, while 69-99% were bleached.
  • The third mass bleaching event occurred across the world and affected 75% of the world’s coral reefs, with 30% suffering from toxic stress; this was the most destructive bleaching event ever positively recorded.

Because bleaching causes corals to dispel their algae and other animals living on them, if water temperatures do not return to normal, the corals will starve to death.

2.    Fishing Problems

Commercially caught fish have been suffering due to overfishing for many years, and corals are affected by those changing ecosystems. When fishing increases around coral reefs – an attempt to meet food and tourism demands – algae grow at a much faster rate, throwing off the biodiversity and balance of the beach.

Some more destructive fishing methods, such as using cyanide or explosives, begin to break up the reefs, causing severe damage to the coral’s fragile forms. Small business fishers have resorted to using this method to compete with commercial trawlers.

3.    Coastal Development

Developments of towns and cities around the coastal areas can prove dangerous to reefs. Limited space means that many projects opt to reclaim land from bodies of water for construction purposes. This causes the destruction of sensitive habitats in those areas, as well as the following problems:

  • The alteration of the flow of water causes an imbalance when sediment and nutrients are rushed to the reefs
  • Developed areas often dump waste materials into the sea of the coast, even unintentionally
  • The nutrient-richness of reefs forced to accept more freshwater and nutrients leads to an algae bloom, disrupting ecological balance.

4.    Acidification of the Ocean

One of the many effects of climate change is ocean acidification, which occurs when the pH levels of water around the planet drops. This is due to an increased intake of carbon dioxide, specifically of an anthropogenic kind, from the air.

To some degree, oceans can help to manage the effects of climate change because of their ability to absorb carbon dioxide, but that causes the water’s pH to become more and more acidic. This can result in coral reef calcification.

5.    The Aquarium Trade

Many people around the world have a marine aquarium – approximately 2 million of them. And almost all of these aquariums are inhabited by wild species caught and purchased for these aquarium owners.

But in order to collect these fish, some individuals use poor methods of collection, such as cyanide, leading to severe harm to marine life. There is not enough regulation on the global aquarium trade, as fish of all kinds travel to new territories, and industry standards remain low and unwatched.

6.    Unsustainable Tourism

For many countries, tourism is a major source of income. But unregulated tourism becomes unsustainable, leading to damaged coral reefs. This can happen through:

  • Careless or unknowing tourists who interact with reefs roughly
  • Resorts, hotels, and accommodation options that discharge waste material into the coast
  • Uncleaned coastal lines, with rubbish that is blown into the water

7.    Coral Disease

Just like any other species of flora and fauna, coral can face disease, too. Over the past decade, coral disease cases have increased shockingly, most originating from viral, fungal, or bacterial sources. Still, many negative events, both natural and human-caused, increase the susceptibility of corals to disease.

Recent observation indicates that coral disease events occur after an event of coral bleaching, indicating a possible link between them.

8.    Sea Levels

This stems from climate change and is a reason that we need positive environmental change. Sea levels aren’t just rising because of melting ice – they’re rising because the ocean is absorbing a whopping 80% of the world’s rising temperatures, leading to increased ocean temperatures as deep as 3000 meters! This leads to the expansion and rising of sea levels, which damages coral.

9.    Invasive or Predatory Species

The main issue here is in alien species that did not come from the ecosystem in question originally. These species are often moved due to the actions of humans. Some of them multiply very quickly due to a lack of natural predators, completely unhinging the natural balance of the ecosystem.

Another issue lies in predatory species – specifically a starfish known as the Crown of Thorns Starfish, or the COTs. COTs naturally target coral reefs and have very few natural predators. Recent human activity has led to declining numbers of marine creatures that would feed on COTs. This is allowing COTs to grow out of control, wiping out reefs quickly.

10.  Pollution

Without clean water, fragile coral reefs cannot survive. Oil, trash, and other forms of pollution are harming the waters and affecting marine life of all kinds, including coral.

The Importance Of Coral 

1.    Habitat

Approximately 25% of all marine life lives around, on, and within coral reefs. This biodiversity is so impressive that it actually rivals that of tropical rainforests, and this makes it one of the planet’s most important spots for biodiversity and life. Coral reefs are a foundation for many other ecosystems, and they help in the formation of healthy habitats.

2.    Protection

Coral reefs may only take up around 0.2% of the world’s seabed, but they take up most of that space along the coastline; over 150,000 km of coral reefs span over a hundred different nations. But they’re not just there to look pretty! Coral reefs:

  • Reduce the erosion of the coast
  • Reduce damage from water-based natural disasters
  • Absorb the energy from waves (97% of that energy!)
  • Protect ecosystems on land and on see

In fact, without coral reefs, there are certain lands, territories, and countries, that would simply not exist today!

3.    Economy

Coral reefs are a source of income all across the world, and there are millions of people who rely on them to earn an income, stay protected, and put food on the table. Here are some statistics about just how positive coral reefs are for the global and local economy:

  • $9.6 billion is earned through leisure and tourism
  • $9 billion is earned through coastal protection, including $94 million in flood protection
  • $5.7 billion is earned through fisheries
  • $5.5 billion is earned through biodiversity benefits
  • $3.4 billion is the total economic value of all services from American coral reefs
  • $29 billion in earnings across the world is due to coral reefs

This also takes into account:

  • Around 850 million people living within 100 km of a coral reef benefit in some way from them
  • Around 500 million people are reliant on coral reefs to live
  • 30% or more of export earnings in 20 countries are due to coral reefs
  • More than 100 countries benefit from coral reefs for tourism
  • Over 90% of economic development in certain smaller countries and territories depends on the tourism brought by these reefs
  • Reef animals provide food and protein sources
environment and coral reefs
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Final Thoughts On How A Scientist’s Mistake In The Lab Can Make Coral Grow 40x Faster

The health of our coral reefs is crucial to protection, the economy, livelihood, and wildlife. Scientists working on restoring damaged reefs feel passionate about the effort. Indeed, there’s a lot that is resting on them.

With the microfragmenting method, we now look forward to a brighter future where coral reefs can regenerate at a mere fraction of their typical growth rate. And to think–we owe it all to an unintentional mistake!

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Researchers Reveal How Our Words Can Physically Change our DNA

Many people have heard of the law of attraction. The principle states that what we think and feel attracts that same vibration back to us. However, did you know that your words have the power to change your DNA? Words are frequencies, after all, so it makes sense that what we say influences our health.

The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues explored the vibrational behavior of the DNA. They refer to human DNA as a biological internet, being far superior to the artificial one we’ve created. Their research explains phenomena such as remote and self-healing, clairvoyance, intuition, positive affirmations, unusual light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters), mind’s influence on weather patterns, and much more.

Western researchers have been mostly interested in studying the 10% of our DNA used for building proteins. However, Russian researchers wanted to investigate the other 90% deemed “junk DNA.”

They joined linguists and geneticists to explore the rest of our DNA and how it influences us. According to them, our DNA is not only responsible for our physical makeup but also stores data and governs our communication.

The Russian linguists found that our genetic code follows the same rules as all human languages. They compared the rules of syntax (how we put words together to form phrases and sentences), semantics (the study of meaning in language forms), and the basic rules of grammar. They found that the alkalines in our DNA follow the rules of grammar, just like human languages. So, human language is simply a reflection of our DNA.

our dnaHere’s how our words can physically change our DNA:

All you have to do is say words that reflect the reality you want to see, and you’ll start to see your reality change. In the experiment, researchers found that DNA will always react to language-modulated laser rays and even to radio waves, as long as the proper frequencies are used.

This concept finally explains the power behind affirmations, hypnosis, and other healing modalities. Russian researchers used this knowledge to work on devices that can change DNA through suitable modulated radio and light frequencies and thus repair genetic defects.

Garjajev’s research group proved that using this method, chromosomes damaged by dangerous frequencies such as x-rays can be repaired. They even successfully transformed frog embryos to salamander embryos only by transmitting the DNA information patterns using wave genetics! Unlike the western way of cutting out single genes from the DNA, Russians found a way to transfer all the information without any of the disharmonies. All of this was possible merely using frequency and language, which shows just how powerful our words and the frequencies we expose ourselves to are.

Spiritual masters from various generations have been teaching that words, intentions, and thoughts are compelling and create your reality. The quote from Buddha, “What we think, we become,” describes this perfectly. However, the device the Russian scientists are working on will deliver results as long as the right frequency exists; therefore, one does not have to concentrate on their words and intentions as much.

Our collective consciousness

The collective consciousness, or the state of awareness that connects us all, is primarily determined by our thoughts and energy. So, if we want a better world, it really must begin from within ourselves. The chaos we see outwardly originated in our minds and become a reality due to the actions we collectively took based upon these thoughts. When we all work together toward a common goal and coexist rather than compete, our world will change. Russian researchers call this “hyper communication,” which has existed since the dawn of time. We’ve lost touch with this in the modern world but can regain it by tapping into our intuition and higher states of consciousness.

An example in nature

For instance, in nature, when a queen ant gets separated from her colony, the building continues according to her directions. However, if the queen ant dies, all production stops because the ants lose the signal that tells them what to do. The queen ant communicates using group consciousness. So as long as she’s alive, she can send messages from as far away as she wants. In man, hyper communication can be evidenced by intuition or inspiration from an unknown source. For example, the Italian composer Giuseppe Tartini dreamt one night that a devil sat at his bedside playing the violin. The next morning he was able to note the piece from memory and called it Devil’s Trill Sonata.

When hyper communication occurs, it can be observed in the human being as well as the DNA. The Russian scientists irradiated DNA samples with laser light, and on the screen, they saw a wave pattern. However, when they removed the DNA sample, the wave pattern remained. This effect is now called the phantom DNA effect. It is believed that energy outside space and time influence the DNA sample long after it’s removed.

The physical manifestation

You can also observe this effect when communication devices go awry around certain people due to their electromagnetic energy field. Or when you accidentally shock someone’s arm when you touch them due to your energy field. This is created by the very power of your own thoughts and intentions, which is influenced by DNA. When someone has a strong energy field, they might notice that CD players, computers, and other electronic devices cease to work for a period of time. Many healers and psychics encounter this in their work. Luckily, it has nothing to do with having weak energy; in fact, the opposite is exact. The stronger your connection to higher consciousness and intuition, the more you’re likely to experience this.

our dna and meditation
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How it works

In their book “Vernetzte Intelligenz” (Networked Intelligence), Grazyna Gosar and Franz Bludorf explain these connections between ourselves and our environment. The authors noted that in earlier times humans had lived much like animals in a herd, very strongly connected to the group consciousness and acting together as one. When we modernized our world, we lost this effect to some extent. However, intuition is a lesser form of this knowledge. Remote healing, telepathy, or “remote sensing” about the state of relatives, etc.. can thus be explained. Some animals can sense from afar when their owners will return home. Even if the owner has a different schedule that day, animals can usually sense when their owner is on the way back home.

We now know that just as on the internet, we can connect with the greater network using our DNA and receive signals from others, even remotely. That can only be explained by group consciousness, which is rapidly evolving based on our thought processes and realization that we are not just living on Earth – we ARE Earth as well.

Here’s where it gets fascinating:

Researchers think that if humans could fully regain their powers associated with group consciousness, they would have a god-like ability to create and alter their reality on Earth. You can see humanity’s shifting consciousness at work today because people are getting fed up with the old system and ways of doing things. They don’t want to indoctrinate into the school system, which only serves to create obedient, non-questioning workers who are slaves to capitalism. People want something more. And with these thoughts and intentions, a New Earth is revealing herself right before our eyes.

Kids in school today have a harder time paying attention and following outdated rules because they see something more significant in their future. We want more individuality so that we can become better members of humanity and live out our purpose instead of blindly following orders.

More clairvoyant, sensitive souls are being born today. Perhaps they came here at this time to help shift humanity’s consciousness. They want to live a more harmonious life in balance with nature and her life-giving systems. Some might call them Indigo children. Many indigenous groups believe that they incarnated here specifically to help rebuild our dying planet.

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Consider weather rituals

Finally, you can see how group consciousness influences the weather. Think, for example, of the Native Americans holding ceremonial dances when they want it to rain.  The Earth’s resonance frequencies, or Schumann frequencies, impact the weather strongly. However, our brains also send out those same frequencies.

So what happens when many people synchronize their thinking and focus their thoughts in a laser-like fashion? They can positively influence the weather.

sedona arizona

Final thoughts on how our words can change our DNA

This study is revolutionary because it finally proves what spiritual masters have been saying for many years. Our thoughts create our reality and can even reshape the structure of our matter! If you doubt the power of ideas and intentions, you now hold the proof. What you think and talk about really does shape your world. If you want to see a better world, start with reprogramming your DNA using the power of your words.

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12 Reasons Why Pisces Make The Best Friends

If you were born between February 19th and March 20th, then your zodiac sign is a Pisces! The Pisces zodiac sign is a very laid back, go with the flow type of personality. This horoscope sign is so laid back. Thus, many consider these folks among the most-liked of all of the zodiac signs. Being a Pisces comes with a lot of upsides. And there are many reasons why they attract friends easily.

They offer so many attractive traits that make them stand out. Plus, they give the people in their life something that no one else can. There are so many ways that a Pisces proves to be a great friend. Below are just 12 of the reasons why you should seek out a Pisces as your new best friend.

12 Reasons Why a Pisces Makes a True Blue Friend

1 – They keep a very open mind

This horoscope sign is known for keeping an open mind almost all of the time. They pride themselves at being able to look at things objectively.

Furthermore, they listen to both sides of any story. This trait means that they are the type of friend that you can easily talk too or go to for advice. They can look at everything objectively. Thus, they offer unbiased and diplomatic advice when you ask them. They can look at everything in a way that is unbiased–a talent not everyone can achieve.

Whether you go to your Pisces friend for advice on life, advice on our other friendships, or help with your love life, you can be sure that the information that you get from your friend with this horoscope sign is going to be the utterly diplomatic advice that you need to hear to make a decision based on facts and not just emotion.

2 – They can adapt to almost every situation

This sign prides itself on not easily getting bent out of shape, especially over things that are not overly important. They can go to nearly any situation or environment and be able to fit in and blend seamlessly. Almost every other zodiac sign can only fit into or feel comfortable in one type of place or another.

That fact limits the adaptability of the Pisces sign makes them the friend that you can take anywhere. No matter what type of environment you are going into, this sign is the one that you know you can invite and will have your back.

They have a unique ability to fit in anywhere they go. This is a skill everyone needs to have at some point in their lives or another. Although for many people it takes a long time to hone this skillset, this sign is lucky to be born with it naturally.

3 – Pisces love nothing more than to travel

This particular trait is one that this sign finds immense joy and entertainment in. They are a group of people who love to travel more than most other people. They love seeing new places and learning about new cultures while experiencing things that are outside of their usual lives. These people love making memories and doing something new, which makes them the perfect friend to take with you on your next trip.

They will always cherish that time with their friends and look back on the trip with a fondness for many years. If you want a friend to immerse themselves into the trip with you truly, then you need to take your February-March friend with you!

4 – They are selfless to a fault.

The people who fall under this sign can generally be described as a very selfless group of people. They do whatever it is that they can to help people who they really, genuinely care about and will go above and beyond to give them whatever they need.

They care about people close to them very deeply and, as such, want to make sure that all of their needs are met. If they see that anyone in their circle of friends is in need, then they will go out of their way to meet that need. If you have a friend like this, you should consider yourself very lucky as you know that you have someone in your corner who would go to the ends of the earth to help you out in times of need.

5 – Pisces always want to have fun

They are not only a great, loyal friend to have around that will always have your back. Indeed, they will also be the friend that will always be down to have a good time with you. They see life for what it is and do not take for granted that we do not have forever. Thus, they do not want to waste time or let life pass by, so they will find ways to have the most fun and will make sure you have fun along with them.

Besides that, they are well aware that we all have responsibilities in life and need to get essential things done, but they make sure not to let that drag them down and instead push on to have fun whenever an opportunity presents itself. If you are someone who needs a friend that will help you let loose from time to time, this is the person you want in your friend circle.

6 – They are easygoing in most situations

They are known for having a temper when the situation calls for it, but for the most part, they are very amiable. They attract a lot of friends because they do not create drama, nor do they get upset over small situations. When we face hard days, it is nice to have someone in our lives who is naturally calm and easygoing to ease the situation.

7 – They have a natural tendency to be very loving

No matter what the world has taught them in a hard way, they are going to love the people in their lives with all of their hearts. They love people with unconditional love, which is one of their best features. This group of people makes one of the best friends because not only are they loving, but they are incredibly loyal and devoted to their loved ones forever. They will not give their love out to just anyone, but once you earn a place in their hearts, you will never be out of it.

8 – They are a soothing group of people

A Pisces has a soothing aura about them. Whenever you are around them for any period, you walk away feeling filled up and refreshed. Having one as a friend means you have a person in your life who makes you feel filled up and revived every time you are in their presence.

9 – Responsibility is vital to Pisces

This is a crucial characteristic of this zodiac sign. They seem like a dreamy type of people, always dreaming of the next thing, but they are highly responsible, which means they are wonderful leaders.

10 – They have creative bones

This water sign tends to have several interests and is usually talented in many different areas. They often always know precisely where they are going. However, you might need to give them an occasional push to see their goals through. They are the friend that will help you create grand visions while you help provide the drive for you all to reach greatness.

Things you need to know if you’re in love with a Pisces.

11 – They are highly intuitive

Your water sign friend will rarely require you to tell them when something is wrong. They are a very intuitive sign and can feel when something is off or feels odd.

Do not be surprised when your friend always knows that something is up and shows up at your door to make things better. You sometimes never have to say a single word. You may not tell them why you are hurting. But you can be sure that you will not have to walk through the pain alone. Indeed, this friend will be right there with you and make sure you are taken care of until you feel better.

think you or a friend is intuitive?12 – Pisces is surprisingly amiable

This sign tends to be more of an introvert and sometimes shy. Despite their shy tendencies, people genuinely love to be around them as their company is just enjoyable. They are great listeners, which is a great attribute to have in a friend.

Despite their quiet nature, this sign always seems to have a lot of friends around them. That’s because they genuinely care about friends and value their presence in their lives. They are incredibly loyal and have all the winning traits that a good friend needs to have. If you have a Pisces in your life and consider them a close friend, then you’re fortunate!

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