The Truth About The Law of Attraction: Using Science to ManiFAST (Manifest Faster)


If you’re never scared or embarrassed or hurt, it means you never take any chances. – Julia Sorel, author of Rocky


If you’ve never felt any of the thoughts and feelings in the above quote, then you’ll never be able to fully manifest what you truly desire into your life.

Hear me out because I realize this is a direct contradiction to what a lot of the Law of Attraction emphasizes in order TO manifest your desired reality.

Everything in the Universe is energy. And energy is interminably changing based upon influence; however, energy in itself is a constant.

There is a quote by Dr. Albert Einstein with regards to conservation of energy:

This law means energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed from one form to another.

How does Julia Sorel’s quote with regards to our feelings tie in with what Albert Einstein’s quote states about the Law of Attraction and the Law of Conservation of Energy?

Your brain is made up of matter, and matter is made up of tiny fast-moving particles that make up our phenomenal Universe. Each time we set an intention through thought, we are creating an INFLUENCE of energy through neural signals. Furthermore, we don’t see with our eyes, we actually see with our mind. Our mind is the projector and our eyes are the projection screens. What we think, we see. Our thoughts produce feelings because we give POWER to our thoughts and CHOOSE to focus on them.

Here’s an example: there is a fork on the counter. You see it and acknowledge it’s a “fork”. Do you have intense feelings that produce from it? Probably not. However, when you see a $100 bill, your thoughts most likely focus on words such as, “abundance” and “prosperity”. From there, you start producing feelings from more thoughtful words that all tie together from your initial thought when you first saw the $100 bill.

Your thoughts are just that, thoughts. Your feelings are produced from thoughts because you CHOOSE TO FOCUS on your thoughts and give them power and credibility. And your feelings that you choose to focus on produce your beliefs. And your beliefs produce your RESULTS. They ALL produce results in a chain reaction because they are all linked together stemming from your particles that are constantly shifting and being influenced within your brain. While scientists are still learning so much about the brain and how it operates, I’m here to tell you that everything is temporary because of how energy is influenced.

Here’s another example: you fall in love with someone and they hurt you really badly. And you swear to yourself you will never get hurt like this again. You are scared to be hurt like this again. So you choose to do whatever you can to KEEP from producing these kinds of thoughts and feelings once more in your life.

Then you see a happy and laughing couple out in public and you think, “I wish I had that. Why doesn’t this ever happen to me? Everyone else can find love so easily.” Do you understand where I’m going with this?

Law of attraction states, “like attracts like.” Law of conservation of energy states energy “can only be transformed from one form to another.” Therefore, you are choosing to create your own reality. Whether you are moving in the direction TOWARDS what you truly desire, or moving in the direction AWAY from what you truly desire (out of feelings such as being hurt, embarrassed, scared, etc.), you ARE creating your reality.

Magic happens outside of your comfort zone. If you want your soulmate and ideal relationship, or you desire to publish that book, or become monetarily wealthy, or drop a few pant sizes…the point is, TAKE THE CHANCES. Get outside of your comfort zone. Mix up that energy that is going on within your realm. You want your desired results, right?

Albert Einstein hits the nail right on its head with the following statement:

The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.

You cannot expect your desired new reality if you keep thinking, feeling, and DOING the same thing over and over again. Whatever you desire into your new reality DOES exist- and you propel it into your physical reality by CHOOSING to think you ALREADY have it into existence, by FEELING into your thoughts, by creating your newly empowering mindset, and ACTING and DOING from this place. This is where the magic literally comes into play.

Shift your mindset through the compound effect. I promise you it DOES shift your beliefs with daily, repetitive practice. Furthermore, science has backed that writing helps to anchor in your beliefs and anchor in your manifestations through visualizations, thus speeding up the process to literally manifest into your physical realm. This is how I literally manifested 99% of everything I ever wanted into my life within 10 months! I wrote everything I ever wanted as being already in my present and/or having already been completed in the past. Through the daily compound effect of what I call Mastering Manifesting Journaling, I manifest with ease and in rapid speed.

Holy shift! We only have today, we are not promised tomorrow. So what are you waiting for? WHY are you choosing to allow yourself to remain in feelings of being stuck in your life?

YOU hold the power in your mind, YOU hold the power in your feelings, YOU hold the power in your actions, and YOU hold the power in your reality. After all, it’s proven by science.

Jaclyn Johnston

Author of #1 Amazon best-seller, Don’t Feel Stuck!

Creator of Manifest It! and assistant to renowned physicists at The University of Texas at Arlington


Girl bosses

For your upcoming stories and interviews, please consider Jessica Higgins, JD MBA, a serial entrepreneur, investor, advisor and award-winning marketing expert who helps create radical organizational growth, including consulting seven of the Fortune 100 companies. She owns a fund of funds, venture capital accelerator, an award-winning marketing agency and an advisory firm, all with offices and staff around the globe. She has been named a Marketing Thought Leader by Forbes, a Breakthrough Female Founder by Huffington Post, and her first book became #1 on Amazon’s Best Sellers list for communication. All of her work surrounds one idea: that creating a better and more equitable culture creates positive long-term ROI.


She is available to speak and contribute to topics relating to: 

  • A female leader and entrepreneur in male dominated sectors
  • Alternative investment strategies 
  • The ROI of culture to organizations and communities
  • Predicting finance and the economy in American culture
  • Technology trends and their applications to finance

More about her at jessicahiggins.co


Link to headshot: www.jessicahiggins.co/about-jessica

Please reach out to me to set up an interview with Ms. Higgins, or if you would like to collaborate on an article relating to any of the topics above. 



Buy Websites To Grow Your Business’ Revenue


Many people dream of the day they can leave their 9 to 5 behind and drink pineapples filled with margaritas on a beach somewhere. However most do not take action to their goals, or even if they wanted to they wouldn’t know how. I was in a similar position a few years ago and even tried starting a few of my own websites in the hope I could monetize them enough to be free to leave my 9 to 5 positions. Finally I read an article about buying websites on Flippa marketplace and gave buying an already successful website a try. I bought a few that flopped but finally got better at evaluating sites and my next two made all their money back and more. Buying already successful websites and growing them is what allowed me to become financially independent, and it is a great model for others to try who are looking for financial independence as well.


why we won’t tell ?vs why anyone listen?

This is a collection of poems and stories about bullying, low-self esteem, high -self esteem and struggles. You will learn that is every poem and every story there is light come your struggles.


10 things you should know before bootstrapping your business


Top 10 Things You Should Know Before Bootstrapping Your Company

According to the Federal Reserve’s Small Business Lending Survey from September of 2019, lending related to small commercial and industrial businesses has decreased considerably. As per the data, there seems to be a 10.5% decline in the volume of loans that were taken out during the second quarter of this year and the second quarter of 2018. Whilst such data is certainly encouraging, the average line of credit that small business owners from the U.S. have still exceeds $630,000. To sidestep such a tremendous debt, a lot of entrepreneurs are deciding to bootstrap their businesses. They do so to eliminate the liability that they must expose themselves to while maintaining the entirety of the ownership. In reality, however, those who bootstrap their businesses are going to run into a plethora of challenges. So, the following 10 items are some of the most important things that you should know before ever choosing to take this route with your start-up.

1. Bootstrapping Your Start-Up Is Not Glamorous

The underlying concept behind bootstrapping a venture revolves around self-financing the entirety of the start-up expenses. Afterward, any expansion that takes place will consume profits that the business generates. Thus, there are no external sources of capital such as loans or money provided by equity investors. This is why the first thing that you should know is that bootstrapping is by no means a “glamorous” way to jump-start a business. If you intend on leaving your day job because you are working long hours and not earning enough, starting a new project with your capital will not necessarily resolve these issues.

Instead, you will only amplify the number of hours and financial struggles that you undergo as the bootstrapping ensues. Of course, this will not be a permanent outcome as the growth of your business will get you much closer to financial freedom, but you should plan to spend a few years working an extremely difficult schedule while scaling back on all spendings.

2. Quitting Your Day Job at the Right Time Is Crucial

Since your ability to cash flow overhead expenses of the start-up is essential to its longevity, the moment when you decide to quit your day job represents a turning point in your professional career. Although it is extremely difficult to bootstrap a business while still working somewhere else, doing so for merely a few months could help ease the transition. So, you should focus on building a timeline that will allow you to quit your day job relatively quickly after starting the new venture. The main caveat to this, however, is that you must have enough in your savings to support yourself until your new enterprise takes off.

3. Finding Product Market Fit Is Harder Than You Think

One of the most commonly overlooked areas of start-up planning relates to proper market positioning. While you must have a good product or service, failing to find the right market for it will completely undermine the effort. To understand why, consider the way that Phil Barden explains the concept of rational versus emotional decision making in his critically acclaimed book “Decoded.” Namely, those who are rational and operate on the so-called pilot make purchases based on solving a need cost-effectively. Individuals who make emotional transactions, which means that they operate on autopilot, only purchase things if they perceive a certain brand as a reliable solution.

To them, the cost- or quality-based analysis take a backseat to implicit trust that they have in the product. So, since your bootstrapped venture will be brand new to the market, there is a good chance that many consumers will stay away at first, regardless of how forward-thinking or outstanding your goods or services are. For instance, though some companies may offer cheap phones that have all the features of an iPhone, most people will still purchase devices made by Apple due to their implicit trust. Hence why you must find a way to present yourself to the audience that will rationally decide to give you a chance.


4. Prioritizing Spending Is Mandatory

According to Forbes Magazine, marketing your product is more important than that product. Albeit a slight exaggeration, the notion that marketing is as relevant as your product development is completely true. After all, people will never choose anything that you are offering if they are unaware of it. In cases of bootstrapped start-ups, knowing things like these will help you properly prioritize spending.

For example, since dedicating a certain portion of your funds to advertising is unavoidable, you should offset this need by make strategies to spend as little as possible. In translation, instead of outsourcing your marketing needs to a third-party provider, it may be time to learn how interest-based targeting, search engine optimization, and social media promotions work. Remember those long hours that were mentioned earlier? These are the types of tasks that lead to them.

5. Reliable Providers Are in Short Supply

Although you may know how hard it is to find reliable suppliers, bootstrapping a company will show you the true extent of this problem. Nearly all small businesses face similar troubles as they possess limited capital and have to focus on a very low number of procurement providers or employees. So, when one of their supply chain partners proves to be unreliable, they face a high risk of losing revenues due to delays. Walmart, for instance, can easily sidestep this concern because, according to Forbes, it has north of 100,000 suppliers. Your business, on the other hand, has nowhere near that type of a safety margin.

Here at Taxhub, per se, one of our main issues is hiring capable CPAs during the tax season as they are extremely costly and it is hard to determine how effective they are beforehand. Companies that work with products face the same issue as their suppliers can increase prices or cut them off at any point. One way that you might be able to prevent such a problem would be to negotiate long-term contracts.

6. Scalability May Be an Issue

If you reach a point where you need to scale your business to reach another market, bootstrapping will make it extremely hard to do so quickly. The reason why is that you cannot take advantage of external investors to finance your expansion. Instead, nearly all of your cash must come from the sales that the company makes. Since only about half of small businesses make it to their fifth anniversary, according to the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, the odds of turning a profit hefty enough to scale fast are virtually non-existent. That means that growth will have to wait until your venture can reliably facilitate positive returns each month.


7. Lack of Investors Reduces Your Network

Even though accessibility to cash is the primary one, having equity investors comes with many other benefits. One of them is their ability to help with networking and put your company in a position to negotiate favorable contracts or reach distant markets. This is why, for example, many small businesses that participate in the popular TV Show “The Shark Tank” do so for the chance to partner up with an experienced investor, not just to get a boost in cash. As you bootstrap, regardless of whether you have partners or work by your lonesome, you will have to dedicate a lot of effort into building a network from a very low starting point.

8. Asking for Approval Will Seldom Be on Your Mind

Since there seem to be quite a few downsides to the idea, one may wonder why bootstrapping is even a thing. Well, in reality, most of the negative sides can be avoided with some fairly simple, though detailed, planning. The advantages, however, are just as mention-worthy. What sole proprietors love the most is the fact that bootstrapping allows them to forget how to ask for approval. Given that they own the venture and have no debtors or investors who can influence their actions, they enjoy full and undisputed autonomy.

9. There Is an Unparalleled Sense of Accomplishment Waiting For You

Additionally, you should keep in mind that, while it will be remarkably difficult, building a successful company from scratch is going to bring an unparalleled sense of accomplishment. Defeating the odds and finding a way to prevail in an economy where more small businesses shut down than make it to year five is an impressive feat. The fact that you get to thrive without external help only gives the achievement even more power and multiplies your fulfillment.

10. Some of the Largest Ventures Did It

Finally, you should always recall that many people came before you and successfully bootstrapped some of the greatest companies to ever exist. Technology-based giants like Apple, HP, Dell, and Microsoft would all be the epitome of overcoming adversity as they all began in someone’s basement or a garage. Now, they bring in billions of dollars per year.

To be fair, each of those operators bootstrapped a long time ago when accessibility to lending was a lot worse than it is today. Nonetheless, if they could climb to such mind-boggling success and remain just as dominant many decades later, your chances will only be non-existent if your ambition falls behind.



Manifesting Your Desires

Simply put: manifestation is attracting that which you desire, whether it be consciously or subconsciously. It works by “vibrating” at a certain frequency to attract things into your life — again, this can work consciously or subconsciously. 
A conscious way this works is if you’ve ever thought about someone and then within a few seconds they call or text you, that is manifestation. A way this can work subconsciously are the times in which a person may keep dating the same kind of individual just with a different face — they keep attracting people with similar characteristics. 
All of gurus and coaches will tell you in order to manifest you need to say mantras, do visualizations, listen to music infused with a certain kind of frequency, do a certain diet, blah, blah, blah. However before you can do anything, you need to clear out any old programming! It doesn’t make sense to fill something that is already full. Think about it like this: You have a cup of stale coffee. It’s nasty and you don’t want it anymore. So instead of pouring out the stale coffee you pour hot new coffee into the stale coffee and the cup begins to overflow. Yikes! Yes, the hot coffee will eventually take over the cup once the stale coffee is out, but that doesn’t make any sense. (Not to mention it will burn!) It makes more sense to just pour out the stale coffee and then pour in the new coffee. In the same way, if there are negative patterns or programming regarding a specific thing, opportunity, event or person, trying to manifest something positive surrounding it by filling it with all the guru blah, blah, blah will not be very effective. You must first dump or rid of the negative programming before adding in new programming. So in order to manifest something or someone, it takes a 2-step process of clearing and then filling that may need to be done consistently in order to get what you desire. 
One way to do some cleaning out is to close your eyes and imagine a whiteboard in front of you. Imagine throwing up on the board any negative associations, conscious or otherwise, regarding what you desire. Then imagine your dominant hand as lightning and erasing the board with it. Then relax and notice how you feel. This should be done at least three times in a row. Then after that you can begin filling yourself up. You can do this by now imagining what you want on the board. Then notice where in your body you feel the sensations of this image the most. Point to where you feel it and notice a color associated with that spot. Whatever color you see just breathe that throughout your entire body. The key is to do this without second guessing anything and going with the first feeling in your body and color you see. You can do this regarding manifesting love, money or anything! 
Now if you want a fast way to manifest, just focus on your heart center for four minutes while thinking about something you desire. That is a quick and dirty way to manifest. However if your negative programming is too deep you need to do some negative cleaning out first!


How I managed stress while opening a new office in Dubai in 2019?


Most of the people consider that stress is something that needs to be eliminated from life, but isn’t it the driving force behind most of your great works? I’m not suggesting to kill yourself with stress. 


As for how I manage stress while growing the business? Let me tell you a real-life incident to elaborate on how I manage stress. Recently we decided to expand our global outreach and open an office in Dubai. It was a well-thought decision but still drafting a blue-print is completely different from practically executing the plan. 


I used my intuition to tackle the stress of opening another office. I asked myself one question, Is it worth it? Of course, I heard a resonating “Yes” inside my brain and then I asked myself if it is worth it then why not invest a part of yourself into it? And I guess it is the best method to handle stress, find the inspiration in the project and it’ll get you through the tough phases. 


Secondly, I always try to give me and my team a break during the whole lifecycle of such hefty projects like opening a new office or launching a new service, etc. Some people say that successful people never say that they’re tired, I say, they manage the tiredness and take a break before they themselves or their team would break and start giving a bad performance. 


Just remain true to yourself and take a small break whenever you feel like reaching your breaking point. 


Also, some other tips to manage stress while growing the business is, keeping the eyes on the price, meditating, having someone close to you to refuel in case you feel demotivated at any point. 


Lastly, stay healthy and never give up on something if you actually want it to happen. Just manage it and don’t stress about stress. Happy growth to all growing businesses out there. 


Get Down With It Fitness


My name is Cody Downey and I am a Sergeant in the United States Army. I successfully train and lead Soldiers on a daily basis. One of my best qualities is my ability to improve my Soldiers physical performance. Training Soldiers is my passion which sparked the idea of creating a social media account related to fitness. I created a company/brand called Get Down With It Fitness, which is a Veteran Fitness Brand devoted to influencing others to get DOWN with the idea of improving themselves physically and mentally. Encouraging self discipline which in return will result in self-improvement. The brand/company strongly supports our nations Military/Veterans, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and all First Responders.

Why is it called Get Down With It Fitness? Think about it this way. In the Army if a Soldier drops a weapon and it hits the ground, that Soldier will have to “GET DOWN WITH IT” meaning drop down and do pushups! How does that correlate with fitness? It’s easy, the Soldier that dropped the weapon didn’t properly maintain it. They were careless and now that weapon could potentially fail them when they might need it most. Our bodies are the exact same way, if we don’t eat properly, exercise efficiently, and get adequate sleep every night, our bodies will start to fail us. That is a lack of discipline which without it there is no hope for self improvement. We cannot treat our bodies carelessly, we have one shot at this thing called life so we all might as well GET DOWN WITH IT!

Currently I promote motivating content on instagram (@getdownwithitfit) and Facebook (Get Down With It Fitness) and expanding over to Youtube and Podcasts soon. I also have an online store (link above). My following and business is small, it isn’t growing as fast as I believe that it could be, but it is very fulfilling and the grind is the best part! I enjoy creating content and gathering a like minded audience through Military connections. My biggest supporters are obviously my family and my brothers and sisters in arms to my left and right. Currently in the process of creating designs targeted toward Military and First Responders, with intentions to donate a portion of the proceeds from particular items to specific organizations. For now I will sell apparel and donate, but my end goal is to open a chain of fitness facilities. My intentions are to continue influencing others and reinforce their own self-discipline and will-power, which will initiate a drive from within to improve themselves day in and day out.

So the real question is… ARE YOU DOWN?

Thank you for your time!


Cody Downey

(502) 563-2989                                                                                                                                codedown13@gmail.com


We’re doing our bit….perhaps you can too?

At Cadenshae, we try to do more for the world. We’re not claiming to be ‘eco-warriors,’ or the saviours of humanity, but we try to give back as much as we possibly can…both to people, and to our environment. We do this for two reasons: to cater to aspirational consumers who’re demanding brands do more, but mainly because we want to, and feel it’s our responsibility as business owners.

Cadenshae is based in New Zealand and specializes in activewear for both pregnant and new mothers. Although we have always been environmentally mindful, we recently decided to up the ante, just a little bit, in a time where phrases like, ‘climate change,’ and ‘global warming,’ dominate news headlines.

Last month we launched the ‘Shine Bright’ maternity leggings. The difference? Eighty percent of the material used for the tights comes from recycled plastic bottles. This project was so important to us as we felt we had to try limit the amount of plastic going into landfill the best way we know how. As I said, we’re not claiming to save the world, but we’re doing our bit and in an innovative way.

Cadenshae is set to turnover close to $7 million in 2020, up from $300, 000 in 2015 and although we ship to women around the globe, our major markets consist of Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada and the United States.

The number of units sold has gone up 1900% since our inception, so we felt more sustainable options had to be looked into as production levels increased. We decided we had to get better at cleaning our own slate. At home we’re always recycling and what not, so it shouldn’t be any different in our business.

We’re hoping our initiatives inspire other companies to do just a little bit more. It all adds up and makes a difference.

The tights aren’t all we’ re doing though…unlike many brands, we refuse to purposely order stock on mass for strategic annual sales, and for good reason. We see it the world over, businesses deliberately overstock and then have huge sales. From an environmental standpoint, this is terrible! The planet suffers even more due to the mass production, and then people go and buy products they don’t actually need because it, ‘was on sale.’ It’s a huge waste, in so many ways. It’s like making too many cakes in a café…what happens to them at the end of the day? They’re thrown out. So wasteful and we want no part of it. We order what we need and that’s it.

As well as going greener, we’re really focusing on becoming more socially responsibility too, sponsoring a number of charities including, the Le Leche Leagues in the US and Canada, as well as a number of not-for-profits in New Zealand. To boot, we have created our own initiative called ‘Sister Support,’ an on-going campaign whereby women throughout the world donate their old bras to a local charity, then receive 20% off their next Cadenshae purchase. We have seen 100, 000 bras trade hands through this initiative, and we have as a company donated over 3, 000 brand new bras as well. It’s the least we could do. Being a new mother is hard…so we’re trying to ease the stress a little bit by making moms more comfortable.

We want to do our bit to make a small impact, we want to be the change we want to see in this world…we always try and live by that…perhaps you should too?

Nikki Clarke.


From a little hobby to professional scavenger hunter producer


From “Unrealistic Occupation” To Producing Games for 20 Years

Chris Damianakos has been a creating fun expereineces as long as he can remember. Born to George and Christina Damianakos Greek immigrants that came from Europe in the 1960’s Chris was born as an only child and a slew of imagination came along with him. As long as he can remember he kept creating expereinces for friends be it a game or some sort of theatrics just to see what the reaction would be.

As he grew up that imagination led to the creation of competitions from 2 day scavenger hunts, basketball and racquet ball tournaments in high school to creating pool leagues and producing 2 theatrical plays that toured the 

New England Area.

Soon after that time he decided to take a back seat and get a “real job” and it all ran into dead ends. The jobs did not do anything for him.. there was not anything that excited him. So he dropped everything and decided to go back to what he was best at..and that was creating competitions.

He studied the old concept of “scavenger hunting” and took what he remembered when he used to host them in high school 15 years prior. As well as where he was first introduced to the concept on vacation in Finikoda, Greece at 15 years old by an Italian tour group.

With that lead to the creation of Cashunt a top ranked urban competition in Boston now in it’s 20th season. Cashunt hosts 200+ games in Boston alone and brings all types of people to his game making them laugh, compete and have an amazing experience during this 2 hour urban adventure. But Chris always is keen to see what the reaction to the public is just like when he was a little kid growing up.


Three ways to lower your tax bill at your service based business owner

20191209_224910_0000-1.png 2018-06-12_05.35.37_3-0.jpg

Year-end tax planning something that should be a part of every small business owners annual routine. It is particularly important now because of the tax law enforcement nearly a year ago. The IRS has cleared up some of the sections of the law that affect small businesses but owners need to Crunch the numbers to see how much of a break they can get.


First tip about tax planning don’t do it alone, schedule an appointment with a Tax Specialist. As in any tax year consider whether you should defer income until next year or plan 2019 expenses into this year this means doing long-term planning. Small Business Owners should be thinking about 3 to 5 years ahead. If you buy equipment and deduct or depreciate the cost it must be up and running what the IRS calls placed in service by December 31st.



Retirement plan contributions


Small businesses have until the due date of their tax return including extensions this could be as late as next October for sole Proprietors, Partners and Owners of S Corporations this includes trying to determine if you can claim a 20% deduction of your business income.


Remember that the tax break is based on all taxable income, so that includes your business income and earnings from work you might do separate from your company. A spouse’s income goes into ccalculations, the amount you might be able to claim is affected by factors including the compensation you pay your employees.


 Business Structure


Owners tempted by a big drop in the corporate tax rate in considering converting their businesses to what are known as C corporations should remember that there’s a double taxation.  The company is taxed and the owner is when they receive dividends. Businesses can no longer deduct entertainment expenses like tickets to advance or the cost of activities like golf , but food bought during an event like hot dogs at a baseball game is 50% deductible, you can get more information about this on irs.gov.

Itemizing Deductions

One key tax planning strategy is to keep track of your itemized expenses throughout the year using a spreadsheet or personal finance program. They’ll help you identify your marginal tax bracket for 2019, and they’ll tell you what your tax bracket is likely to be in 2020.

Compare your 2019 and 2020 tax brackets. Consider shifting the receipt of year-end income to after the first of the year if possible if you anticipate being in a lower tax bracket next year. 

Are there any tax breaks you can take in 2019 that won’t be around in 2020?



Creating Wealth for the Impoverished. Steven Lin, CEO of Gojoy

Gojoy-logo-0.png Gojoy-community-1.jpg

Gojoy is an innovative social e-commerce marketplace offering users hourly rewards through its digital asset created on the blockchain called Joy Coin. Gojoy is positively and irreversibly improving the lives of many of those living in poverty because its business model is unlike the rest; where giving back to the community from the very first transaction, on day one, is ingrained in its corporate DNA. 

“The issue with poverty is people find it extremely difficult to break out of the cycle,” said Steven Lin, CEO of Gojoy. “And this is because people living in poverty have no means of investments nor access to assets that could yield income, unlike the middle and upper class. These entire family communities live from hand to mouth and are unable to break from the poverty cycle unless there’s some form of external aid.”

Particularly in China, where families living in lower tier cities struggle to make ends meet. One use case is for the moms in China that use the Gojoy platform to buy products such as baby formula with up to 50% savings, compared to Alibaba or Tmall. There are over one million Gojoy members that can finally afford essential products to survive and for the moms in China, shopping on Gojoy has become their primary source of earning passive income which is providing the extra pennies and nickels needed to rise out of poverty.

“Learning that a toddler can now enjoy quality baby formula because his mom bought it on Gojoy with the cash rewards she had earned — that’s humbling. We are in awe of our community,” said Lin.

Gojoy’s business model is unlike other e-commerce businesses because it is transactional, systematic, and immediate. Gojoy is leading the e-commerce industry into a revolutionarily positive direction and any traditional company with more than one million dollars in revenue can adopt Gojoy’s business model too. 

Gojoy consumers buy and are then rewarded with Joy Coin. Every hour, Gojoy shares a portion of its sales with Joy Coin holders. As long as members hold the Joy Coin, they receive their share of rewards. The cash payout is in the form of Joy Dollars that can be used to shop on Goyjoy or cash it out into fiat. 

During a recent visit with Ling Gao, a Gojoy member living in Guangzhou, China, she shared that she had previously been forced to work grueling hours from 8am to midnight. Now, her life has changed with Gojoy and its cash rewards system. Gao shared that she is now working much more relaxed hours, “Since I started shopping with Gojoy, I have hope for our future. I can bring my 7-year-old son back to live with me. I am more at peace due to our better financial picture.”

Every member of the Gojoy ecosystem is rewarded perpetually for their contribution, no matter how big or small that contribution may be. Gojoy’s mission is to create wealth for families through the simple act of shopping. To achieve this, Gojoy is reshaping how businesses can create wealth for its communities, shareholders and contributors with social impact and philanthropy at its core. 

Since going live in January 2019, Gojoy has generated nearly USD $30 million in revenue and has distributed over USD $8 million in rewards to over one million shoppers who are predominantly moms living in lower tier cities.

To learn more about Gojoy visit gojoy.com/en/ and follow @ShopGojoy on Twitter for the latest updates.


3 Hiring Mistakes Every Leader Should Avoid


Growing your team as a leader is both a blessing and a curse. Although hiring is a positive indication of scale, it is a challenge to find, train and retain the right people.

Most business owners add to their team based on a person’s interest, affordability and availability. They think as long as a candidate demonstrates proficiency in an area, interest in the job, and is affordable, they are a good fit. 

Unfortunately, following this logic is more likely to result in a warm body to fill the seat than a dedicated team member. Hiring the right person for your business is more than just an interview and a job offer.

As a business leader, it should be your desire to grow a team you can trust. 

A trusted team enables you to confidently step away from working “in” the business, so you can get back to working “on” the business. 

A trusted team allows you to delegate outcomes, rather than miscellaneous tasks. They execute how they want while following your vision, values and parameters, so you can spend more time working on money-making activities, than hovering, micromanaging and being the “doer,” when you should be the leader.

When you have a team you can trust, you experience freedom as a leader to take your business to the next level and achieve the scale you desire. 

But it all starts with how you hire. 

Here are 3 hiring mistakes every leader should avoid. 


  • Hiring a Mini-Me.


Business owners often say, “if only I had another one of me, everything would be fine!” But you are not the solution to all of your problems. 

Hiring someone who is exactly like you can be very dangerous. Think of all the tasks you hate to do or how you react to certain situations. Rather than hiring a “mini-me”, add team members who complement your skill set and personality. 

If you are a big picture thinker, but struggle with execution, hire a doer who can keep you accountable to goals, like a project manager. 

When you know yourself as a leader, you know what kind of skills to look for in a candidate to round out your team’s expertise and culture. 

When you hire a diverse team, even starting out with just you and one Executive Virtual Assistant, you’ll see the benefits of varied talents and outlooks. 

  1. Neglecting due diligence

Whether it’s employing a family friend, hiring based on emotion, or neglecting to do your research on a candidate, without due diligence, you are setting yourself up for failure. 

Every successful business needs a strict system and process for hiring. At Priority VA, this is called the Gauntlett. The Gauntlett is our rigorous standard for adding new team members. Even if we have a “gut feeling” about a person, or are in a rush to fill a gap in our staff, we always follow the Gauntlett — because we have been burned before. 

Perform reference checks with former employers, complete background checks, and ask the candidate to complete a skill assessment. Not only that, but factor in questions that gauge a candidate’s soft skills during the interview. 

Ask them how they would handle interpersonal conflict, or prepare questions about a real-life scenario to see how they would react. Do not tell them before the interview that you will be asking these types of questions. You want to see how they perform under stress. 

It’s not uncommon for business owners to feel empathy when interviewing candidates. Maybe you want to help somebody out or hire a family friend because they need cash. 

Before you extend a job offer, take a minute to pause. Take emotions out of the equation. 

Evaluate if this person is truly passionate about the role you are hiring for. Do they have the proper skills and proficiency to be successful? Taking this a step further, do they understand their purpose within the company, and are they excited about that purpose? 

Remember, you want somebody that will add value to your team culture and morale. You can always train up small gaps in skill, but you can’t change a person’s character. 

Do your due diligence to hire someone who measures up to your standards. They better they are, the more they will own their role so you can stop being the “doer” and start being the leader. 

  1. Hire without desired outcomes

It is so much easier to prepare for hiring when we think about outcomes, or goals, we want to achieve, rather than individual tasks we need to delegate. 

New hires succeed faster when they understand how their role is going to help the company reach its goal. 

For example, “I want to launch a new product by the end of the year, so my new team member’s job will be to grow our email list by 10,000 and generate interest through social media and blog content.”

Nobody wants to be a useless cog in an aimless machine. 

Think of every member of your team as a laser beam. Your light shines brightest, and is the most intense, when you all point in the same direction and at the same target. 

Being a leader means you have a vision for your company. That vision needs to be articulated to every new hire. Once you articulate the vision, it’s your job to empower your new recruits to take this vision and make it happen. Get them excited about owning their role. Stop hovering and micromanaging and let them execute. 

When business owners avoid these three common hiring mistakes, they are taking the steps to grow a trusted team. 

Getting the right people in the room is half the battle. Now, you must focus on the systems and strategies they need to succeed in their role. 

If you don’t know what those systems and strategies are, take our free assessment at PriorityVa.com/assessment. The assessment only takes 5-10 minutes to complete and tells you exactly which areas of business you need to focus on to scale with momentum.

For all other information on how Priority VA can help your business, visit PriorityVA.com


MARLA GOLDBERG, ENERGY HEALER AU FAIT, HOLDS THE 14 KEYS TO HAPPINESS The Expert in Healing & Author Will Be in Denver on Sept. 7 & 8 For Two Book Signings


Renowned energy healer and author, Marla Goldberg, will be attending For Heaven’s Sake and Ascension Station in Denver on September 7th and 8th to sign copies of her book, My F’cking Long Journey to Loving Myself: A Guide to a Shorter Path. The highly-praised book is part non-fiction and part self-help and is an account of Goldberg’s transformational journey and a guide to some of the most powerful Tips, Tools, and Techniques (TTT’s) that she has learned along the way. In the book, Goldberg shares the TTT’s that she would have used during many challenging times prior to learning them, and how she now uses them to navigate through her life. These TTT’s taught her how to release anger and learn how to forgive – ultimately finding total self-acceptance and self-love. She will be making two appearances in Denver for book signings:

September 7: 3-5pm at For Heaven’s Sake – 4900 West 46th Ave., Denver, CO

September 8: 3-5pm at Ascension Station – 319 W 11th Ave., Denver, CO

During a rough period of her life, Goldberg knew a change needed to be made. This is when she was introduced to a variety of alternative healing disciplines, through attendance and participation in a specialized school. She continued studying over the next three years and was trained in 14 different healing techniques, which she has used to help herself and others who have crossed her path. Now, she continues helping clients through her education and continued learning of healing techniques – she has added eight new techniques to the initial 14.

“Healing and helping others became a calling for me. I became hooked,” says Goldberg. “I found myself growing more passionate and spiritual as I followed the direction of a healer/seeker; so much so, that I continued and still continue with ongoing education to expand my knowledge base of healing modalities.”

For more information on the book signings, or to schedule interviews with Marla Goldberg, please reach out to the press contact above.

Marla Goldberg Links:

Website: www.marlagoldberg.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mghealing/
Twitter: twitter.com/MarlaGoldberg9
Instagram: www.instagram.com/marla.goldberg


Representing Yourself In Family Court Is Easy

Motions4SaleLogoFlat-0.jpg DKSassy-1.jpg

Here at Art Soolk we are assisting parents who are dealing with the family court. My name is Deanna Kloostra and I am the manager at Art Soolk and one of the Legal Domestic Abuse Coaches. Currently, we have coaching services for 45 minutes and will talk to you about any topic of family court. We will provide you with ideas and strategies, but it is up to you if you want to implement the ideas or not. For legal reasons we like to say that we are for entertainment purposes. After all, in order to deal with the political system in the United States, you have to have acting credentials or so it appears.

Our main focus is on helping parents save thousands of dollars and to take over their cases by representing themselves, known as being a Pro Se litigant. I personally represented myself in family court after my divorce and could not believe how easy it was. I created Motions 4 Sale where I sell motons already created that you can use. Once you purchase the motion it will come with instructions on how to manipulate the document. Read over the motion and remove what does not pertain to you and then put in your case information and you are ready to file. The site also sells the Family Court Motion Guide that I created to help mothers of domestic violence.

You do not need a college! When you hire a lawyer you are telling the judge you cannot handle your own affairs. The attorneys are working for the courts and their goal is to keep you engaging in a legal battle so they can make money. We figure that if parents represent themselves it will be making a huge dent in the family court process. Pro Se litigants frustrate judges and will slow down the already slow-moving backed up system.

Know how you go to court and nothing gets accomplished and for several months you are waiting to hear from the courts or the other party to the case? Well if you don’t get the answers or results after going to court, you can file another motion the following week and the week after that be back into court. You can literally ride the court to get them to actually do their job!

In order to go to the court of appeals, you have to have the judge make a decision on your motion with the order after hearing. Yes, I talk about that too, you can file an appeal. We already have the appeal written up and in the correct formation!  Search online for your appeals court manual and spend a weekend writing it. It took me two weeks to write one appeal, now you can do it in a weekend. Yes, it is that simple.

I actually did my appeal for free, but to learn how to do this you will have to check out Motions 4 Sale. Make sure to like our Facebook page so you will be informed of new motions or other manuals uploaded to the site. We also give tips for “Pro Sayers”  as well.

Yes, representing yourself is that easy and you get to do some creative things as well. Set up a coaching session and I will tell you about the invoice I created when the court had no clue what they were doing! You don’t have to be frustrated with the family court when you can frustrate them simply and easily. Talk to you soon!


3 Key Takeaways an Entrepreneur Learns After Starting their Second Business


By Simon Chatfield, CEO/Founder, OptimumHQ

When I started my first company, I admit that I was shooting from the hip most of the time. I imagine that most young, scrappy companies do the same – try to stay afloat long enough to figure things out, and before anyone realizes that you don’t know what you’re doing.

During this initial time period in a founder’s career, being scrappy and rolling with the punches is critical to the growth of the entrepreneur. If you’re not willing to risk your decisions against the world and are too afraid to take chances, then you don’t have much hope in being a success. For every plan that is laid out, no matter how long you’ve thought on it or went through all the scenarios, you simply don’t know enough to know what you don’t know. And that’s OK, as long as you’re not afraid to keep moving. In my first company, I knew where I wanted the company to be, and as much as I’d love to have a nice straight line from starting point to my destination, I had about as many turns, stops, zig zags, and upside downs to give a rollercoaster a run for its money. I wouldn’t change anything about that journey as it’s what gave me the scars, confidence, and – after the successful sale – the funds to start my next endeavor.

As I’m writing this today, I’m in the middle of building a new company and it’s on track to blow away the success I had the first time around. There is, however, no doubt that this would not be the case if I hadn’t been through the wringer a few times before. Here are some key items I’ve done differently the second time around which have been instrumental to get where we are:

  1. You can’t take your company to the next level with “Good Enough.” I used to call myself a realist and would shun the idea that everything needed to be perfect. In my first company, we did so many things just “good enough.” From our internal systems, to managing invoices, to processes and workflows. We had a TON of things to do, so the “good-enough-and-get-it-done” approach was a crutch for us to get by while we thought we were working on other, more important items. And that approach worked up to a point, until the infrastructure under the company just wasn’t solid enough to support the next level of growth or scale. For the key systems in your company, make sure it’s being done correctly and can support your company at a larger scale for the future. You’ll never be perfect, but make sure you’re more than just “good enough.”
  2. Eat your own dog food/drink your own champagne. This can be easy or tough depending on your product/service and industry, but finding a way to be users of your own experience is critical. In my first company, we often found ourselves following the proverbial, “Do as I say, not as I do” and unfortunately didn’t take time to reflect on it. It’s not that we were hypocrites, we just found the same excuses everyone else does when we were not eating the dog food. This doesn’t apply to my second business because we use our own system to run the entire company; it’s actually one of our core values. OptimumHQ is a business solutions platform, and come hell or high water, we’re going to use it for ALL of our business solutions. We have learned so much not only about the usage of the product, but ways to improve it. The payback on putting in the extra time has come back to us exponentially.
  3. If cash is king, then culture is queen. The first time around, I didn’t pay much attention to
    company culture; it was more of an afterthought, and didn’t go much further than saying “Yeah, we should have that.” It’s not that my personality was different, or even that I presented myself much different than I do today. What IS different is that at OptimumHQ we don’t hire someone who isn’t a fit for our company culture. My philosophy is that if I’m not enjoying myself, or having fun, what’s the point? And I really like working with high-performing people who like having fun as much as they like building cool things or solving cool problems. You can pay people well to get a job done, and you can force them to file their TPS reports (Office Space, anyone?), but you certainly cannot force a culture. Keep a good and positive culture in your business and it will keep you – and the team – eager to come in and tackle big problems.

I learned so much after my first endeavor as an entrepreneur and business owner, and I’m still learning all the time. Whether you’re just starting out or you own a dozen successful companies, I think you have to be prepared to keep learning every step of the way. Your work is never truly “done.” There will always be the next big idea, innovation, or risk you need to take to keep moving forward. Stay hungry for knowledge, fellow entrepreneurs, and keep striving to be better.


For 15 years, OptimumHQ founder and CEO Simon Chatfield owned a successful custom software development company that built custom software applications for global companies including Apple, ESPN, and American Express, plus hundreds of SMBs. He learned that big and small companies alike faced similar challenges. Business leaders just want software that truly solves their specific needs, and they don’t want all kinds of extra systems they don’t need. Pioneering the concept of dynamic data and company-specific workflows, Simon and his team created a new business solutions platform to quickly build complex custom solutions without custom code, called OptimumHQ.

Learn more at www.optimumhq.com


Changing the Way Weddings are Planned in South Florida

Married-in-Palm-Beach_Krystal-Zaskey-Photography-1.jpg Stefany-Allongo-Headshot-Orgnainc-Moments-Photography-0.jpg

Over 10 years ago, we were in a horrible recession, most companies were on hiring freezes, and my contract at Disney was not renewed. How was I going to move forward with no real job prospects? I had gained tons of experience planning mega events thanks to my time at Disney and The Broadway League, so I decided to take matters into my own hands to launch my own wedding and events planning company in Palm Beach, FL.

It was a scary move to branch out on my own, but what I quickly realized is that I had the determination and strength to make it work! I come from a long line of entrepreneurs, so you could say it’s genetic.

For years, I happily worked as a partner in planning for hundreds of couples in South Florida. It’s amazing being a part of one of the most important days of someone’s life. It’s something you will always share. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing two people in love!

During my time as a planner, I yearned for an online wedding resource that was dedicated to the Palm Beach area. The available resources lumped the Palm Beaches into the greater South Florida market to the detriment of both couples and local wedding vendors. Seeing that need, Married in Palm Beach was created.

Married in Palm Beach is the only online wedding resource solely dedicated to weddings in the Palm Beaches. We focus on providing unique and useful content geared to local and destination couples looking to get married in Palm Beach County.

We are changing how couples plan their weddings by connecting them with talented, local companies through our comprehensive lists of vendors. Beyond that, I use my experience as a wedding planner to write articles that are both educational and entertaining. These articles showcase beautiful weddings that inspire couples both locally and those wanting some Palm Beach style on their wedding day.

As Married in Palm Beach has grown, I have pulled away from wedding planning. It is too difficult to juggle both companies without something suffering. Couples deserve to have the full attention of their wedding planner.

Through Married in Palm Beach, I can help infinitely more couples than I could as a wedding planner. Knowing that we play a part in their wedding day makes it all worthwhile. Check out www.marriedinpalmbeach.com today!


Making a Business While Making a Difference: One Woman’s Journey to Create Change


I Thought of You is a Fair Trade retail company on a mission to do good. And this is their story.

Mandy Nagel started her company by accident. She went to Indonesia on a whim and met a woman selling handmade jewelry at a local market. Yulia’s pieces displayed a unique beauty and undeniable craftsmanship that drew Mandy in immediately. She bought roughly 20 pieces and returned home with them, excited to show off her new “collection” and share Yulia’s story.

After receiving so many compliments, Mandy put pieces for sale online, they sold instantly. These pieces became an investment in Yulia’s life.

Without any prior intention to do so, I Thought of You’s story began from the experience of this trip. Mandy wanted to create positive change, so she set out and made it happen.

You don’t meet people by accident. There’s always a reason, a lesson, or a blessing. In many of the communities in which I Thought of You works, many people live on less than $2USD per day. Her goal was to change this and provide an opportunity to create a better life for the community through their work and skill. When a woman like Yulia is lifted out of poverty, she takes an average of three people with her and, ultimately, lifts up entire towns.

The power to create such change was the purpose of her trip all along.

I Thought of You celebrated their 5th birthday in November of 2019. They’ve come a long way since their roots, but that doesn’t mean business has been smooth sailing all along.

Mandy admitted that some of the initial failures were making the wrong decision about who they partnered with to build their website, resulting in an unreliable shopping experience for customers; not understanding product launch cycles; and not telling enough about the beautiful stories that accompany each piece.

Their failures were teachable moments that ultimately made them stronger as a company.

They listened intently to customer feedback and identified pain points during the shopping and checkout process, then rebuilt their website from the ground up. This was a huge investment but resulted in a beautiful site that is now easy to navigate and makes for an enjoyable shopping experience.

With the growth I Thought of You has seen, they’re able to work in collaboration with their artisan partners to now create product designs 9-12 months ahead of a launch. This allows them to unveil thoughtful collections that incorporate complimenting pieces from multiple artisan groups for a season.

So much of the beauty of I Thought of You’s products comes from the successes their artisans are living each day. Over the past 18 months, they’ve begun telling more in-depth artisan stories across their social media platforms and on their blog. They’ve also begun educating customers on why certain materials are used—upcycling brings new life to materials that would have ended up in a landfill and using earth-friendly natural materials creates styles people can feel good about wearing.

Launching a brand new company, Mandy knew there would be things that wouldn’t be perfect from the start, her customers felt more like partners and were helpful in voicing what they liked and what they didn’t, that honest feedback helped I Thought of You grow stronger.

Mandy acknowledged that, “none of what we do could exist without our customers, so we want them to always feel heard and to know they are incredibly appreciated. There will always be failures, but the triumph of failures is what turns good into great.”


Working for herself for the past 5 years, Mandy has learned to understand how the choices she makes will directly affect every aspect of her business and how that has made her humble. She knows she will make mistakes (so many!) and she has grown to acknowledge and learn from them to help this business thrive.
Mandy has created a purpose for her passion and loves the real change it has been able to bring. This venture has been incredibly grounding, thinking about the hundreds of artisans they now partner with (a majority of them being women) and the opportunities that have come for hardworking people because of what they’ve accomplished together. I Thought of You is excited for the future and for the endless other opportunities that are yet to come.


Rebuilding Baltimore


Starting any business has its challenges. Especially, when you have little to no knowledge on how to do so. Most people would never dream of abandoning a steady-paying career to jump head-first into the great unknown. I certainly never thought I’d actually do it. Then again, life does enjoy throwing curve balls your way. You learn to adapt but sometimes you realize it’s just no longer worth it and pastures truly may be greener on the other side.

That being said, leaving a relatively sure thing to pursue near constant uncertainty is not for the faint of heart. For me, I had gotten to a point in life where I had done a lot of things “right.” Despite growing up with odds that were stacked against me, I managed to score a job as a school psychologist in the exact school district I had always wanted to work in. (That is until I spent a few years working in it). I still love working with students and all of the creative challenges that come with the job. However, there were many aspects that suffocated the ambition and creativity I had. Retirement for me was still over two decades away and I just could not see myself waiting any longer. It’s a great career path and the work involved is so rewarding. I just realized for me, it was no longer something I could see myself doing for “the rest of my life.”

Investing in real estate, particularly owning rental properties, had been a dream of mine for many years. After almost a year of searching and months of research, I discovered how many real estate investors were finding their properties and I started to study those methods. Later that year, I decided to leave my career and start a house flipping company in Baltimore, MD. It was a trying first year and it took me six months from the time I decided to start the business until I closed on my first deal. I had a few successes and a lot of “failures” that first year but with each experience I’ve grown and improved.

The major take away I have had in creating this business is that in any challenging endeavor, you must believe in yourself. However, this can be quite difficult when starting something brand new. The mission behind this business is improve educational outcomes of students. We plan to use a portion of the profits to provide additional educational interventions to local urban school districts and eventually provide aid to local job and career training programs. This has and continues to be a passion of mine and investing in real estate seems to be the quickest way to make larger impacts in these areas. Thus, I having a “why” that is strong enough to pull you through the hurdles that you will inevitably face will carry you until you do begin to believe in yourself. Working for and towards something bigger and better than yourself is one of the greatest gifts of all! If you are determined enough to see it through, you will hopefully find that doing so can be one of the most life-giving experiences you’ll ever have.



How I created a mission-inspired business with no experience

AS-SEEN-IN-copy Ruby-Bhandari-talks-Silk-Threads-and-Inspiration-smile-0.jpg estella-1.jpg

About 25 years ago, I was a student at University of Texas at Austin, working towards my Finance degree. But I was always interested in fashion, and wanted to start my own fashion business, bringing some of the traditional designs and concepts from my Indian heritage to the western audience.

So I started Silk Threads, a clothing company, literally from the trunk of my car, with no experience in the fashion industry, or how to launch a company!

Fast forward to now – we have customers in over 30 States, providing them with high-end custom bridals, partywear and menswear. Over the last 10 years, we have been doing an Annual Charity Gala, with fashion as its central theme – all proceeds of which go to a selected charity. This allows us to not only follow our passion, but give back to the community.

I also speak at various business gatherings here in Dallas, talking about my story on how to overcome obstacles and follow your passion. More details are at www.SilkThreads.com


Ruby Bhandari

It’s how you create yourself in position yourself in the world and what you can do in business and in life I can get you to the next inch the next step towards your dreams have to believe it and once you believe it you can do it but 1 inch at a time.