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Our Broker Dealer Clients Looking to Fund $10m – $100m+ Quality Deals – Public or Private

We have several Broker Dealer clients who are looking for quality deals to fund in the $10,000,000 minimum to $100,000,000+ maximum range. 

Can be an existing public or private company.

Do you have a quality deal? Our network of Broker Dealers covers all sectors of business so any quality deal will be considered.

This funding is best used for expansion capital candidates – existing profitable companies, any industry, that are making from say $2m – $5m a year on up that need $10 – $100+ million to expand. (Not sure if they will do films, Cannabis related or foreign companies. However, we have a several of these deals in front of them right now so I will know shortly.)

The requirement is that they go public in the US with us (If an existing US public company, then we would restructure their company rather than take it public) and use our proprietary structure. We also have another giant firm that will uplist any qualifying candidates to NASDAQ or NYSE etc. in a year or so after I take them public when they can meet the qualifications of the higher exchange. Optionally if they meet those requirement right away, we can go there first.

Please let’s start with a few paragraphs teaser summarizing the salient points. 

This is very important.

Our broker dealers get hundreds of submittals a day and won’t click on links or open 30 page business plans to figure out a company. If people won’t present the information in the way they want it, they simply won’t read it. They must first get a short summary they can read quickly and if interested, they will then click on links etc. to read more.

A short summary should state most relevant details such as:

  • What your business does
  • How long in business
  • Management’s experience
  • What your income has been the last couple of years and currently
  • What the profit is
  • What you need money for
  • How much funding you need

An example would be:

“ABC co. is a 3 year old blockchain entertainment company with a new way to revolutionize payments in the music industry. They are currently a private company but willing to go public as part of funding. Management has 30 years experience as CEO of a major label. Current income is $500,000 USD per month ($3,000,000 income during 2018, $2,000,000 in 2017) with projections (if they receive $10,000,000 capital injection) to hit $10,000,000 in 2019, $20,000,000 in 2020 and $40,000,000 in 2021. Profit runs at about 20% of revenues.

They seek a $10,000,000 investment. $2,000,000 to build out the rest of their blockchain technology and $8,000,000 for marketing over the next 3 years.”

This is what is needed and if you do not supply this, the information will not be passed to the broker dealer as it makes us look bad. If we feel our Broker Dealers would be interested in your project will will send it on. The next step would be an executive summary. If they are still interested, we can then proceed to a full business plan. (If you supply the above short summary you may also attach executive summary (one pager) and business plan so they have all the information to inspect if they are interested.

If you send us a full business plan upfront with a lazy request to find the executive summary within the business plan or links to SEC filings, etc. without stepping through the above, they won’t read it.

Let us know if you have anything.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are there any upfront costs? Or What is the cost?

A: Some of our broker dealers do not charge any upfront or due diligence fees. Some do. We present to the Broker Dealers who charge nothing first.

Of course you will have to pay for legal and professional fees to go public. That is usually in the cost range of $100,000. Sometimes we can take a portion of this out of the back end (after the money raise) and sometimes we can provide an investor who will cover the fees. However, keep in mind public vehicles sell for $500,000 cash + stock in the next deal if you fail to raise money or don’t succeed for any reason. So you will not lose any money on the legal and professional fees even if you are unsuccessful in raising money. 

Q: What criteria needs to be met in order to go public in the US?

A: Everyone always reads about Apple, Microsoft and Amazon type companies which are the top tier of investment banking and give a false impression. On the Emerging tier of public companies the criteria is very low:

There are NO income or profit criteria, but 

  • You must be actively engaged in business. (You can’t have a business plan that says we will start once you get $10m )
  • You must have free trading stock available for sale on the stock market (that is what we do – we create the public company requirements for you)
  • and It is best (though not required) to have audited financials. There are two levels of the emerging market – one requires audited financial and SEC filings thereof, and the other doesn’t. We prefer to take you public with the audited financials requirement satisfied as it opens up more funding possibilities for you. 

The timing is thus: The funding broker usually likes to say you will file to go public within 120 days of the closing of the funding. However, that is flexible. We have another firm where the owner sold his last deal for $500m and because of that he is going to try to do the same and requested an 18 month filing requirement and the broker said okay because of his track record. He might just sell the company quickly for a huge profit and everyone will make money. And we had another where the company asked for 180 days and they said fine.

After we start the process of filing to go public, it can still take 6 months to a year or even more until you are actually quoted on the stock market.

Q: I have a business for sale, could your financing be used to complete the sale?

A: Yes, we are doing something similar now. We’d have to set up a public company as described above. We would raise money in a private placement to buy the properties. If you’re interested, submit a short summary as requested above.

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