Be kind to yourself

Terrie Nathan

  • Strong Girl Enterprises

  • Terrie Nathan is an International Best-selling Author, Speaker and CEO of Strong Girl Enterprises. She coaches and educates teachers, moms and young girls in middle school to cultivate confidence by teaching them strategies on positive self talk, self worth and body image.  

    Terrie is a former HR director of a Fortune 200 company and has 25+ years of experience empowering leaders to strategize change within their personal teams. Additionally she has facilitated workshops for 20,000+ audience members supporting them in behavioral transformations.  

    Terrie has now made it her life’s mission to teach these transformational strategies of empowerment on large stages and partnerships for young girls and their mentors. 

  • Through my experiences with my Grandmother and her amazing ability to see the upside in everything.

  • EQ…Emotional Intelligence…I connect with people.

  • Working out! It provides me the drive, energy and positive outlook to continue on my journey.

  • Be kind to yourself. We are often our own worst enemies.

  • Seeing the light bulb go off in a good way in others. They just turned on their positive!!
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