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Positive Podcast Network is a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship operating at the intersection of science, technology, community and culture. We work across communities, age groups and disciplines to create positive conversation and instill an innovation and positive mindset.

The Positive Podcast network brings together people through different impact-driven programs, podcasts,videos and internet radio shows, engaging events and our annual conferences.


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Inspirational Motivations to People Everywhere as a Contribution toward Promoting Positive Values.
Melissa Rymer
Podcast Writer

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The podcast that motivates & inspires thousands of people each and every week. Check out, Great Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary. Get a Boost of Motivation with a Splash of Inspiration. Join Positive Phil as he cuts through the Negatives.



Gratitude: The simplest thing you can do to start your day happier. Helps you focus on the positives and become more mindful.


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