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Positive Podcast Network is a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship operating at the intersection of science, technology, community and culture. We work across communities, age groups and disciplines to create positive conversation and instill an innovation and positive mindset.

The Positive Podcast network brings together people through different impact-driven programs, podcasts,videos and internet radio shows, engaging events and our annual conferences.


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If you want to nominate someone to speak at one of our events, or would like to put yourself forward as a speaker, please write to media@positivephil.com

We’re always looking for volunteers to come help us on-the-ground at different events.

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Inspirational Motivations to People Everywhere as a Contribution toward Promoting Positive Values.
Melissa Rymer
Podcast Writer

Show Hosts

Irma Lewis

Show Host

Engaging interviews with famous people, celebrities, athletes, authors, spiritual educators, thought leaders, as well as others in the social, business and entertainment industry.

Sharing Positive & Inspiring stories from the most ambitious entrepreneurs, world-class athletes, good-hearted and influential people in the world. 

Jamie Andrews

Creative Director

The Positive Phil Podcast Show primarily consists of interviews with positive people and thought leaders, as well as others in the social, business and entertainment community.   

Award Winning Podcast where Positive Phil chats with today’s most inspiring Thought Leaders, Pioneering Spirits and Entrepreneurs 365 days a year. 


Joe Dumar

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Positive Phil

Positive Podcast Series, hosted by entrepreneur, investor, social influencer, and commentator. Positive Phil is a renowned motivational and keynote speaker, the creator of Positive Ways, and a best-selling author. Join Positive Phil as he cuts through the Negatives in this once a week Motivational Business Podcast. 

About Our Podcast

The podcast that motivates & inspires tens of thousands of people each and every week. Check out, Great Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary. Get a Boost of Motivation with a Splash of Inspiration. Join Positive Phil as he cuts through the Negatives.



Gratitude: The simplest thing you can do to start your day happier. Helps you focus on the positives and become more mindful.


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