6 Positive Podcasts For The Most Ambitious Entrepreneurs

Life is not a bed of roses and sometimes, the meandering turns of life can terribly bring you down. The negativity can often be a bit too much to deal with and this is why it is important to feed the mind and soul with optimism, positivity, and happiness. It is crucial to have your little happy place wherein you can seek support and solace among people who are there to have your back and uplift your spirit and mind with positive and radiant thoughts.

This is precisely where having a podcast or a radio show with uplifting stories and inspirational tales help a great deal. Here, we are going to talk of 6 positive podcasts which are meant for some of the most ambitious entrepreneurs who are looking to make a thumping mark. Each one of this podcast is bound to create a positive influence in your life and will trigger the best change.

1.      Good Life Project: What Should I Do With My Life? First, Do This.”

Are you a little confused about where your life is heading? Do you seem to be clueless about your career path? Well, this is surely the podcast for you as it will help you truly find the work which is bound to bring in the sense of fulfillment. It is important to do what you love and are passionate about. Do not chain yourself to mundane jobs that do not feed your soul.

With this mind-blowing podcast, be all set to discover what it is that your soul connects to and then find out the best way to ace it. Sometimes, it is the right set of words strum together that triggers the much-needed change in our body.

This podcast also introduces us to the brand new concept of “Sparketypes”. To give you food for thought, they are a tile a set of archetypes which we ultimately fit into based on the light and aura which we emit.

Definitely, it is an interesting and wonderful podcast you need to listen to align your soul and passion.

2.      Positive Phil: Inspiring Conversations Behind How People Grow Business, Movements, Ideas, And Civic Grace

If you feel that life has singled you out and saved all the troubles for you, think again. This is one of those podcasts wherein some of the most ambitious leaders end up sharing the setbacks they faced and how they mastered and championed the adversities to come out on top. Positive Phil Podcast Show

Often, it is these true tales which give you the impetus to navigate through the tough times and come out on top. This podcast encourages the growth of a community wherein people have each other’s back and help them build and grow together.

With this podcast, you are sure to grow and evolve and you will be able to not just become a big entrepreneur, but it is bound to leave everlasting and positive changes in your life as well.

3.      Kwik Brain: “How To Grow From Your Mistakes”

Another brilliant podcast from Jim Kwik, this one is best for all those who have messed up in their life once or even more. It is humane to make mistakes, it is easy to fail. What you truly need to do is rise from the ashes like a phoenix and build yourself the kind of empire which people can only marvel and admire.

So, in this podcast, learn the art of embracing your failure and learning from it to finally give it the shape of success. Apart from using his finest oratory skills and the best of pep talk; Kwik also outlines some of the simple yet powerful steps which you can implement so that you put your failures behind you and chart the way to your glory.

4.      The Goal Digger Podcast

Jenna Kutcher has this powerful podcast for every entrepreneur who wants to make it big without feeling like they are giving up on the simple pleasures and joys of life. You will be able to learn some of the new and innovative techniques and also get some of the most practical tips that can be applied in several different segments of life.

She even invites some of the prolific industry experts sometimes to share light on significant ideas and topics. Often, it is the master strokes by some of the genius in their domain that can help you get the wisdom you need to become the next icon.

Jenna had a profile career herself and she enjoys a massive fan following. No doubt listening to this podcast will bring about massive changes in the way you work and the output you get.

5.      Donald Miller: Building A StoryBrand

This podcast primarily focuses on building the brand’s story and the message which can help it connect with the customers and ring in good profits too. It is for all those entrepreneurs who are hungry for sales, profits, success, and numbers. It also offers the magical opportunity to meet like-minded entrepreneurs who are looking to carve a super brand too.

Your brand needs to stand out from the rest and it is when the brand sends a message or has a unique story that the customers will always be able to recall it easily. It is one of the tried and tested ways of creating an impression that lasts. Unravel some of the best techniques in this podcast.

Along with this, you will also get to learn several other valuable points too. The podcast also helps you deal with the struggling financial matters and reflects on ways by which you can maximize the net capacity and more.

6.      Creative Rebels

This podcast is hosted by the genius duo of David Speed and Adam Brazier. The main aim of this podcast is to truly inspire people to seek the talent which is inside them and help them monetize their talent and make a living out of it. They want the listeners to understand the real passion and put it to the productive and right use.

To add verity to their stories, they also invite people to the podcasts who have lived some incredible stories. These real-life accounts give the listeners the push to give themselves credit for the talent they hold and put their passion into work.

So, with these six of the top podcasts, you are sure to find the drive in your life. Anybody can do business, but to have a business empire that the world looks up to is something you should strive for.

Often, it is the carefully spoken words and the best of handpicked tales of people beating odds to win success which creates the befitting difference. There are tons of podcasts out there and sometimes you don’t even know where the next inspiration may come from, but knowing these top shows will help you at least get started.

Remember no dream is too big and you should truly believe in your dreams and chase them if you desire to succeed in life. So, start listening to one of these and more importantly, implement what you learn. We are sure; success is just about round the corner waiting to meet you!

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