3D Printing & Kayaking Inventor Bill Masters Part 2

Bill is an American engineer, inventor, manufacturing entrepreneur, and business advisor and mentor. He is widely known as the father of modern kayaking, but lesser known is he’s also the father of 3D printing, holding the first 3D patent filed with the USPTO. Today, Bill works to share his experience and insights with young people and a range of commercial enterprises. He also presents to academic, industry and professional groups, with a perspective that combines his humble roots, countercultural sensibilities and innovative approach to engineering and manufacturing.

William (Bill) Masters is an engineer, inventor, designer, manufacturing entrepreneur and business advisor/mentor. He holds the first 3D printing patent.,[1] along with patents for other 3D printing technologies (piezo transducer, extrusion, lithography, surface tension, and pin array) and computer assisted manufacturing. He founded Perception Kayaks,[2] at one time the largest kayak manufacturer in the U.S., and has served as a small business delegate to the Reagan and Clinton administrations.

Masters is widely recognized as a pioneer in kayak manufacturing[6] and for his success in connecting whitewater enthusiasts with his kayaks. The Wall Street Journal, in the August 15, 1998 edition of its Southeastern Journal, described Masters as “an intense, hands-on tinkerer who isn’t shy about touting his accomplishments.  His innovations in kayak manufacturing, including rotational molding and working in engineered plastics instead of fiberglass, revolutionized the sport and recreational kayak markets 

He currently lives in Greenville, South Carolina with his wife (Dr. Anne Graham Masters), three children, and two grandchildren.

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