30 Day Lead Generation Plan


Converting traffic to users and users into customers is what needs to be improved. 

Here is my list of unanswered questions.

• Revenue: Which campaigns are bringing in the most revenue?

• And Churn: What’s causing users to drop off.


• Where people drop off in the funnel

• Which channels bring in the most revenue

With these insights, I will better understand customer behavior and can then help organize a plan to drive company growth.

Here is a short list of immediate steps that I would take to help drive and convert traffic….

30 Day Plan

  • Build lead nurturing program (funnel) where we educated, engage prospects.  Most people are not buying when they visit a website. We need to develop a sales process through online funnels.
  • Build out lead scoring system and integrate within CRM
  • Better positioning offers. An offer is a piece of content that is perceived as highly valuable.(coupons,product demonstrations)
  • Build email marketing program /messages.
  • Run Co-Registration leads. Co-registration is when one company uses another company’s subscriber or newsletter base to gain new customers. Co-registration marketing is the marketing of specific products or services during the co-registration process. 
  • Run Retargeting campaign to aged/real time/dropoffs…
  • Build out several highly optimized landing pages, unlike a normal website page, is a specialized page that contains information about one particular offer, and a form to download that offer. 
  • Fix What is Broken On The Sites To Improve Conversions. Page Speed Scores , Other Issues Are Holding Back Organic Search Results
  • Set up social media lead generation campaigns. (Twitter, Facebook) Using at the Right Time Marketing programs such as www.needls.com Targeting V owners using face books and twitter whispering tools.
  • Set up Native Ads campaigns ( fraction of costs of google, bing) Measure conversions.
  • Set UpProgrammatic Audio Ads ( run fixed online ads directly to prospect at the right time. 
  • Start the process of setting up an Affiliate Program
  • Every Social Media account should be active and look “BIG”  (run twitter program to get more followers /engagement ( people want to buy items that other people are into)   
  • Rank existing industry content related to Company and affiliate sites. Existing articles and press releases…
  • Content distribution ( repurpose existing content) THIS HELPS WITH REPUTATION MANAGEMENT
  • Start to engage with Industry writers to post to various industry sites for the Company. Using tools such as www.ninjaoutreach.com
  • Target RV/Boat owners on social media/opt into funnel.
  • Capture Data bases of email and social media accounts -This is all public information that we can scrap..setting up targeted inbound marketing campaigns with social handles/emails

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