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Why Good Companies Help People

David Ellenwood is founder and CEO of Sunny Days In-Home Care, and has over 15 years of marketing and sales experience in the home healthcare and surgical products industries.

After working for local companies in the home healthcare industry that only cared about increasing revenue, David saw the need for a personal approach to in-home care. After launching Sunny Days In-Home Care in 2011, and placing an emphasis on quality, family-friendly care for his patients, Sunny Days In-Home Care has seen unprecedented growth in a booming industry.

Sunny Days In-Home Care this year was named to the Inc. 500 and Entrepreneur 360, among other local business accolades, while David and his wife Evelyn were named finalists in the 2016 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards for Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Would like to discuss the importance, maybe even offer tips to people, for staying positive in an industry that can sometimes be grim.

Other questions about business development and staying positive through challenging times are ideal. These particular topics from the FAQ are also good:

What tools do you use to organize your business life and your personal life?

How do you handle the stress that comes with growing a business?

Have you had success hiring awesome people? Can you share some tips on what to look for when hiring?

Successful people often have morning rituals to get the day going? Can you share some morning routines?


Awesome CEO and President of Razorthink Inc

Jack Porter is President and CEO of Razorthink. He is an 8-time Founder, successfully exiting with 6 acquisitions and 2 IPOs. He has over 30 years of experience in technology startups and an extensive background in supercomputers, sophisticated analytics, and advanced mathematics.

He has applied his work in several vertical industries including: Technology, Financial Services, and Pharmaceuticals. Mr. Porter also runs the Startup Accelerator for Razorthink and works with early stage startups on strategy, leadership, product management, development, and financing. He has mentored over a 100 startups, several that went on to become very big successes. Jack believes that Artificial Intelligence is not only going to disrupt businesses in a massive way, but also change peoples lives.

Currently, Razorthink is working on some really incredible projects, including our flagship product, Big Brain, which is a business brain based on a hybrid deep learning platform. The platform leverages many patent pending technologies including: model selector, prediction optimizer, model of the world, embedded turk, and network topology optimizer. We work with top companies in many industries, including: banking, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and logistics. We also partners with many technology companies to provides embedded brains within their technology solutions.

How do you see AI changing businesses and peoples lives? What industries will benefit most from AI? How do you successfully run a company and balance everyday life? Can you explain the difference between AI and machine learning?


Entrepreneur Passionate about Building a One-of-Kind Company

A driven entrepreneur passionate about building a one-of-kind company, Jill Nelson has grown Ruby Receptionists into a four-time winner of FORTUNE magazine’s top five Best Small Companies to Work for, and a Portland Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Companies in Oregon recipient for the past nine years. Since founding the company in 2003, Jill has led Ruby to double-digit revenue growth every year, and last year sold the majority share of Ruby to Updata Partners out of Washington D.C.

Anything you can do at the Post Office, you can now do right from your desk with

-Buy and print official U.S. postage for ANY letter or package using your own computer & printer never closes so you can get postage whenever you need it, 24/7

Today, Ruby’s 325+ employees provide live receptionist service close to 6,000 small businesses throughout North America. Jill’s unique vision of charming, professional receptionists enabled by leading-edge technology has built Ruby into a platform by which small businesses can deliver exceptional customer experiences over the phone and grow their companies.

In addition to her own entrepreneurial endeavors, Jill is passionate about helping others succeed. Jill has been recognized for her contributions to the Oregon business community, receiving the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year award and 2010 Orchid Award from the Portland Business Journal for her service. Jill also served on the EO board for five years, acted as a mentor to several female leaders, and successfully helped business owners reach that $1,000,000 revenue mark through its Accelerator program.

In 2014 the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN) recognized her entrepreneurial achievements, naming her a finalist for the prestigious Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Award, and most recently, Ruby Receptionists was named the winner of the 2016 OEN Tom Holce Growth Stage Company Award.

Additional information About Ruby Receptionists:

Hearkening back to an era when every call made to an office was answered by a friendly receptionist, Ruby Receptionists provides personalized live, remote receptionist services to thousands of small businesses throughout North America.

Our mission is to preserve and perpetuate real, meaningful connections in an increasingly technology-focused, virtual world. We are the only remote receptionist service dedicated to creating personal connections on every call – making callers feel special while making our customer look good.

Our mobile apps and other innovative tools make it easy for customers to manage their calls, messages, and Ruby service. By pairing delightful receptionists with leading-edge technology, we’ve built Ruby into the perfect platform to help small businesses deliver exceptional customer experiences over the phone and grow their companies.
Example Questions: What excites you most about the business…about your life.What does your day consist of? What apps or tools do you rely on the most? Any Suggestions on How to Balance Work and Social Life..Do you enjoy life to its fullest? Tips to staying positive? On top of the questions listed above, here are a couple suggestions:

Rumor has it you’ve nurtured a pretty amazing company culture, can you share more?

Did you have a mentor and if so, how did they help you succeed?

Do you have a favorite business book or entrepreneur biography?
Additional Links To Share..Include social media links so we can market to our followers.


ecommerce marketplace for everything but the ordinary

Mark is the cofounder of, an ecommerce marketplace for everything but the ordinary.

Their business is to help entrepreneurs create their own dream businesses.

They’ve relied on being seller focused first, and the buyers have found their way. Their approach has been to build a non-niche platform for anyone to use to sell online. They want the process to remain accessible and profitable, and for interesting humans to be able to sell interesting products.

They have made it a priority to preserve the culture of availability that ecommerce initially provided. Now, ecommerce is a standardized convenience for most households. Families rely on their Amazon Prime memberships for things as benign as diapers and table salt. This convenience is amazing, but optimizing for convenience exclusively is how culture is eliminated. All those involved, both buyers and sellers, become part of the algorithm instead of humans who are cultivating the growth of a platform, humans who should be appreciated. Ideally, ecommerce will still leave room for the buyer to continue to find treasures, and sellers with treasures will still find it to be profitable to sell.

A small group of entrepreneurs working to empower other entrepreneurs, Bonanza’s goal is not to exist on the same scale as Amazon.

They are on pace, however, to double their GMV (for the third year in a row) by late 2016. Bonanza’s GMV growth has been over 4x that of Amazon’s the past two years, and the Q2 results suggest the same trend.

Mark is currently the COO of‘s Background Burner as well.

Tips for staying positive.

A brief adventure into how the company was founded and why. How do you keep your employees thinking positively?


Mobile Storage Locker CEO and Founder Is On The Positive Podcast

The Mobile Locker Co. Molly MacDonald Chats With Positive Phil

They are a woman-owned small startup that provides secure, convenient onsite storage for competitive and spectator events. Launched in 2014, we began covering New England and have since expanded to cover all of the Northeast as well as Florida in the winter. They are currently focused on saturating our current regions, and working on getting additional trucks on the road to cover the West Coast and Midwest in 2017.

We Chat About The Following:

How did this whole idea for mobile storage come about?

Do you face any challenges as a female founder?


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